About – Yvelise Fingerhut

My name is Yvelise Fingerhut and I am the creator of Awakening to the Love you Are.  I was an attorney in Puerto Rico for many years. I practiced my career principally to support my children, but there was something missing in my heart. My career did not touch it.

When I discovered that thought is creative, what we call the Law of Attraction, my life changed completely. A new world opened before me. I started to take courses that would teach me how to achieve that change in perception. That is how A Course in Miracles and Reiki came into my life. A Course in Miracles became my spiritual path, and Reiki, in the instrument to help myself, and help others, to balance their energy to achieve physical and emotional health.

I moved to Florida in 2006, to take care of my husband who was sick. My depression was such that I forgot everything I knew and I plunged myself totally into the ego, which is that part of our minds that brings suffering. After several years like that, I found, through my dear friend Aishmal, about the courses of Pathways of Light, a ministry that has as its base the principles of A Course in Miracles.

She had been ordained as a minister of Pathways and had started to translate its courses into Spanish. In my black cloud of depression, I heard myself telling her that I would help her in the translation. This was the way I started healing. The Holy Spirit in each one of us, when we say yes, brings to us what we need in life to grow spiritually. Each day that I sat down to translate, I translated exactly what I needed to hear that day. I not only came out of my depression, but I took all the courses and was ordained as a Minister of Pathways of Light.

My husband died 5 years ago. After going through my grieving process, my heart started telling me that it was time to carry out my mission, that which I’ve felt since I was very young that I came to do. The calling to help the persons who want to raise their consciousness, to leave suffering behind and to awaken to their true selves, which is eternal. My purpose to create this webpage, Awaken to the Love You Are, comes from this.

I will offer information about different topics of personal development, based on the premise that thought is creative and that if we want to grow spiritually it is important to eliminate the mental blocks that don’t permit us to have loving relationships, full lives and contact with our higher self.

I will present techniques and practices that will help you to achieve inner peace. My mission is to help all of us to awaken. Welcome to my page and blog.