Reiki Kids

Reiki Kids is a program to support our children on their spiritual journey. We are at a time on the planet when it is crucial to support the children and honor their new way of being. Reiki is one of the very beneficial ways that children can be shown how to use their innate abilities as divine co creators.

In the Reiki workshop for children, they will get in touch with subtle energies and learn simple methods of using Reiki. This course is designed to be fun and interesting for children who are aware of their energetic being and would like to spend time in a nurturing, supportive atmosphere which allows them to explore their innate potential. Children have a natural awareness of the healing energy and can often see it. They are very close to the flow of life. It is easy for them to learn Reiki. In this class we honor their unique perspective and present Reiki in a way they can understand.