Does our human race exist by spontaneous generation or by the evolution of some species?

Many of us have seen movies like Star Wars, where we see humanoid beings of different races and think that this was the product of the producer’s imagination. However, that is a reality.

All races that later end up as humanoids in the galaxy start from the animal platform. There are insectoid races that develop into humanoids but from the insect. The cetaceans end in cetacean humanoids; the reptiles end in reptilian humanoids, etc.

Cosmic geneticists set a four-legged animal to evolve until the race transforms. These humanoid races are anthropomorphic; they have a head, trunk, arms, and legs.

This transformation takes eons of Earth years because there is no timeline in the universe. In general, 90% of the creation of the races that end in humanoids in the entire galaxy is because geneticists put an animal race to evolution.

Planet Earth is the only planet in the entire galaxy and the star systems that generate their own lives. Life develops on all the other sides of our galaxy, planets, star systems, constellations, but geneticists must go and implant it, which is done by an artificial method in a cosmic laboratory.

Planet Earth, from the Source, is designed based on many things, such as frequencies, chemicals, etc., so that it develops a life of its own. Our Planet, unlike others, has the soul of a cosmic feminine consciousness that works through the divine feminine. We know her on the planet as Gaia, and she is the cosmic consciousness of the famous goddess Isis. Isis was fractalized and is the soul that inhabits the Earth.

One in 10 planets has a specific laboratory function. Earth is a laboratory planet for creating races and DNA to sow them throughout the galaxy later. We must understand that we are not here by spontaneous generation. It’s not that there was a monkey or an insect, and we ended up being us by evolution. The human race was created by design and at the request of Nebadon, the Creator.

Changes that lie ahead

Our cosmic brothers are sending the frequencies that entered through the portals 11/11, 9/99, 2/22, etc. We are already in a high-end frequency that causes our physical body to increase resistance. Comparing it with computing, we activate more applications. What happens with this?

  • We could only use 2 or 3 human body applications with 51 Hertz, which is our frequency in 3D. We were only using 2 of the 12 DNA strands in the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, we will put into motion the 12 DNA fibers with which we were designed.
  • At the consciousness level, we will stop using the rational, analytical mind mode of reasoning. We will use a higher level of consciousness and connect by putting the 12 DNA fibers into activity. In this way, we will connect with everything alive on planet Earth that we have been disconnected from until now.
  • The machinery we have, or spacesuit, called the human body, which we use to be here on Earth, has to be accommodated so that we can belong to the entire terrestrial frequency of the fifth dimension with this spacesuit.
  • The Earth itself will also be installed on the next higher level.
  • At the sociocultural level, all the hostile cultural schemes we have used to handle ourselves on the planet will fall or disarm, to rearm at the next higher level.

To give an example so that it is understood:

  • The alimentary system we know falls. We will be eating living food that grows with the sunlight.
  • The financial-economic system falls to become a productive economic system.
  • The pharmacy medicine system falls. It falls apart because scientific pharmacology is not biocompatible with the body. What is compatible is the medicine of medicinal plants. That’s the reset. We will continue to have pharmacology, but directly from the land as it was initially.
  • The educational system falls the way it presently is in the school system.
  • Our biology will change.
  • The human race will change because it goes to the next higher level. We have to adjust socio-culturally at a planetary level for all the systems to function perfectly.

These changes will happen because the old systems were formatted to serve the third dimension. They are obsolete for the fifth dimension. The new humanity must reprogram those systems according to the higher level in the fifth dimension.

Welcome to what will be the 5D. I, for one, can’t wait.