What is the planetary mesh?

The socio-cultural structure with which the entire human population functions on the planet works because there is a mesh woven around the earth, similar to that of a spider’s web.

  • The meshes around the planets are designed with sacred geometry, and any mesh, with whatever sacred geometry it has, contains software, a computer program installed on the mesh.
  • Our DNA then binds to the mesh. We are not only mutating, but we are linking to the new earthly grid. This mutation and linking are happening to all of us right now with the influx of new frequencies.
  • The ancient 3D terrestrial mesh is what everyone knew as the Matrix of control. Plan administrators pulled the plug four years ago. Whoever continues in Matrix control mode is because their mind is programmed, and they have to deprogram it.
  • Now, a mesh has been connected, which wraps the previous mesh from above, called solar or christic mesh. The mesh is woven with sacred geometry, attached face to face between an icosahedron and an octahedron. The two shapes form a dodecahedron, which is a polyhedron with twelve flat faces.
  • We have twelve DNA strands. The new christic solar mesh with this dodecahedron, allows each face of the geometric figure of the mesh to connect with a fiber of our DNA. That’s where we link to the new planetary grid software. Understanding the word christic, not as religious or spiritual, but rather as a crystal base.
  • That connection of our DNA with the mesh is to sustain ourselves in a new socio-cultural and genetic program. This connection ensures that we, as a collective consciousness, as a Koradi race, which is the name given to the race of the fifth terrestrial human dimension, can mutate since we are linked and sustained planetary speaking by the solar or christic computer program.
  • In this planetary solar mesh, they have put the frequency of the crystals in a range of 7 frequencies, for example, silicon, quartz, diamond.
  • The being in charge of the magnetic service is the one known as Kryon. He is the one who puts the program to the tights.
  • Our molecular mutation dislodges the carbon from our cells and gives rise to silica, a crystal.
  • We link to the christic informatic mesh from our DNA fibers to sustain the 5 D operating structure and so that, socio-culturally, we can make the fall of the Matrix 3 D socio-cultural systems.
  • In this way, humanity will be able to initiate new socio-cultural platforms that can be sustained because if there is no mesh with the program, the platforms cannot be supported.
  • In the program installed in the mesh, there are new cultural platforms to lead socio-cultural life as we did before, but in another format.

Good changes are coming. The when, depends on humanity and when it awakens to this new reality.

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