Holistic philosophy: the mind

In the first few blogs, I wrote about thoughts and how your thoughts create your life. If you are reading my blogs for the first time or are interested in doing more research, head over to them. You will find them between January 24 and March 19.

Has it ever occurred to you to think where the mind comes from? To understand esoteric things well, I invent stories that resonate with what we are living in this third dimension. Imagine the Creator who is Supreme Intelligence, Eternal Love, Perfection, wanting to experience himself. As He was Oneness, he couldn’t. At this moment, there was nothing physical, just conscious energy.

Then he thought, I can do this by lowering my vibrational frequency so that what is now One is divided, in appearance only, into many. I say in appearance because, in reality, everything is still linked to everything. Once the frequency dropped a little, what we call Spirit was created, still united to All that is, and without anything physical existing.

Spirit kept lowering the frequency, very slowly to get used to it, until a density began to be perceived very subtly. It went on like this for millions of years, until at a precise frequency, the soul, or vehicle of the Spirit was created.

Since it had dropped quite a bit in density, although still at a very high frequency, the soul appeared to be separated from the Creator. The soul also has all the attributes of the Creator because it is the vehicle of the Spirit and our true reality. All humanity is united by the soul. When we die, what dies is the body. The soul is eternal, as is the Creator.

Being in a lower dimension, the soul, now thinking that there were many souls because it saw them separated, was very frightened thinking it had separated itself from God. That fear of the soul emitted so much energy that it created the “Big Bang,” which created the physical Universe.

For duality to exist and for the soul to experience differences, it continued to lower its frequency enough to inhabit a physical body. Once the soul inhabited a body, its density was such that it forgot where it came from.

A Course in Miracles teaches that the ego-mind was created at the very moment we thought we were separated from God and others due to the intense fear felt by the soul.

The ego is the part of our mind that judges, projects, criticizes. When we think with the mind of the ego, we feel alone, scared, isolated. When we think or say “I,” we usually identify with the ego. It is what we think we are.

A Course in Miracles leads us to get rid of those mistaken thoughts that cause us unhappiness. In the following blogs, I will explain how it does it.

Holistic philosophy – The body Part 3


Exercise is essential. Many people work sitting down all day. They come home, eat, and sit down, this time, to watch television. So little by little, the belly grows.

Exercise is vital for a healthy body. What are some of the benefits for your health?

• Improves muscle strength and increases endurance.

• Strengthens bones and muscles.

• Helps to have a better balance which can prevent falls.

• It helps control weight.

• Supplies oxygen and nutrients to tissues and helps the cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to do daily tasks.

• Improves mental health by relieving stress. The chemical substances that exercise produces in the body help improve mood.

• Helps you sleep better.

There are many ways to exercise. You can do sports, go to the gym, walk, and jog. Anyway, find what interests you the most and get started. At first, it’s more difficult. If you haven’t exercised in a long time, your muscles will ache, you will be tired, etc. Don’t use that as an excuse not to continue.

From my own experience, I’m sure that you will feel much better once you create the habit.

To create the habit, choose days and hours that are favorable for you. That way, there won’t be an excuse not to continue. Put it on your calendar and set alarms to remind you.

But the most important thing is to start. Once you achieve it, you will not regret it. I wish you success.

In the next blog, I will write about the mind.

Holistic Philosophy – Body part 2

What enters through your nose and your skin?

Our health depends on what enters our mind, mouth, nose, and skin. In previous blogs, I have written about the mouth. Today it’s up to the nose and skin.

When I was in my early forties, an oil tanker ran aground at sea, causing an oil spill near where I lived in Puerto Rico. It was something like the well-known Exxon Valdez but on a smaller scale.

I lived close, but not close enough to smell the horrible stench that oil had. However, I was close enough to breathe in the chemicals. As a result of breathing in the chemicals for several months, my immune system went haywire, and I began to react to most of the chemicals that reached my respiratory system or skin.

To function in this world, I had to stop coloring my hair, nails, using perfume, start cleaning my house with natural products, and not go where I knew there would be chemicals. Although I saw that as a misfortune since I was sick for several years, I see it as a blessing today. Over the years, I continue to react, but I can recover much faster than in those times. But I still have to avoid the harmful chemicals.

People who react like me are called canaries because many years ago, when there was no technology to detect harmful chemicals in the mines, they let a canary go inside the mine. If the canary died, the miners did not enter. If the canary did not die, they entered.

Why am I telling you this story? Because, although in a much slower way, those chemicals that hurt me immediately hurt other people over time. What happens is that since it is not instantaneous as it is with me, they do not see the relationship between their health conditions and the chemicals. But that’s how it is.

Not only do many of the people bathe in perfumes, dye their hair and paint their nails, but they also clean their houses with very toxic products, smoke, or are around people who smoke.

Nobody thinks they will be old anytime soon, but life passes extremely fast, and the body deteriorates. Thanks to the fact that I had to be so careful with toxins, I can proudly say that I am not suffering from anything. I don’t have to take medication for any condition because my body, free of toxins, can regulate everything well.

Especially now with the pandemic, if you want a strong immune system that fights any virus or bacteria, you have to put your body in optimal conditions. To achieve this, if you don’t want to totally eliminate all chemicals toxic to your health, you must reduce them considerably. Today there are many natural products that do the same job. Start reading the labels of the products you buy.

Take care of your body from toxins. No one is going to do it for you.

Holistic philosophy – the Body Part I

What goes into your mouth?

In a previous blog, I mentioned the relationship between health and thoughts. Today I am going to discuss the importance of a good diet for a good and healthy body.

Many years ago, people lived from family farming. We ate what small farmers grew. These foods were nutritious and met all the body’s needs of vitamins, minerals, etc.

Unfortunately, that went down in history. Today large agricultural companies dominate the food market. To have bigger and faster harvests, they turned to chemicals and pesticides, which many people automatically put into the body. These foods take away hunger, but they do not think about the damage these chemicals and lack of nutrients are doing to them.

The conditions in which the animals that give us meat, eggs, etc., live are disastrous. Some can barely move. The antibiotics and other medications that are given to them to produce more and more are many. All these chemicals and the negative energy from suffering remain in the flesh and pass into the body of the person who consumes it. To that, we can add the terror and despair they feel when they are killed.

Sodas and other soft drinks full of sugar and other chemicals were introduced (diet sodas are included) and bags of chips etc., full of fats and chemicals. These chemicals create a kind of addiction where every time we want to drink or eat more.

This type of diet creates very dense energy in the human body. Apart from that, obesity has been on the rise more and more. That brings other complications to health.

If you want to improve your health, you need to watch what goes into your mouth. Start, little by little, to eat healthier. The perfect thing would be to eat only organic foods that do not have the chemicals I mentioned. If you like to plant, grow your vegetables and fruits organically.

Eat less meat. If you eat every day now, start by eliminating one day. As you get used to it, you eliminate another one, and little by little, you change your meat diet.

Try to reduce, until you can eliminate them, the sodas and chips and other harmful things, everything little by little. The body has to get used to the new way of eating.

Keep a journal of what you eat. Put the date and how you felt during that day. The journal will help you realize if something you are eating is causing you symptoms, such as sleepy, tired, full of gas, you can’t string ideas together or forget things. If you find that something does not agree with you, eliminate it.

Finally, the purity of the water we drink. The purer, the better it is. Now a days, governments treat water to make it drinkable. Although it is much better than if they did not treat it, it still has many chemicals and harmful substances. The best thing is a filter in the house that purifies it completely.

Everyone is responsible for their health. To achieve any change, commitment and dedication are necessary. I invite you to try it.