Do you want to see how your beliefs affect your life?

I have written about how your thoughts create your life circumstances. I’m going to put a situation invented by me, with a fictitious name, so you can learn to see how this works.

• Maria grew up in a dysfunctional home. Her parents did not give her the emotional recognition that she needed. However, it was given to her older brother. That made Maria very jealous and resentful, because she didn’t understand why it was not given to her. She concluded that it was because she was not important enough.

• Maria grew up and when she got married her husband didn’t give her enough attention. He preferred to be at work or with his friends. This made Maria very jealous and resentful. She felt that she was not important enough.

• Something similar happened to her at her work. Her boss didn’t appreciate her work and promotions were given to her coworker. Maria felt that her work was not valued enough. This caused her a lot of resentment and jealousy of her co-workers.

Can you see a pattern that repeats itself? This happens to all of us in some way. Your job is to look for situations that are repeated in your life and where they came from. What thoughts did you decide about yourself? To what conclusions about yourself did you come to? You have to take the time to study yourself in order to transform your erroneous conclusions. Thus you will create a life more attuned to what you want.

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  1. Por fin leyéndolo. Me encanta, como siempre tienes el don de decir lo q tienes q decir. Me gusta q no es muy largo y con calma uno puede digerir lo q está leyendo y practicarlo un rato.
    Espero sea todo un éxito y pidas ayudar a muchas personas, incluyéndome a mi.

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