Blocks to motivation

In the next blogs I will touch on the subject of the blocks to motivation. These are fear, resistance, procrastination, excuses and stress. Today I will write about fear.


What are you afraid of? I know different types of people. For example, some are fascinated by diving in the ocean to see all types of fish and all the wonders that exist in the depths of the ocean. Others are afraid of being on the shallow part and have a little fish touch their legs. Where do you fall with fish? Are you afraid of them or do you enjoy them? You have to ask yourself this question with every fear. Remember that fear is just a thought.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, for the Course in Miracles (the Course) there are only two emotions, love and fear. All other emotions are born from them. For example:

• Sadness is fear of not having what I want.

• Anxiety is fear that something I do not want will happen or something that I want will not happen.

• Courage is fear that what I want will not be done, and so on.

“Perfect love casts out fear.

If fear exists,

Then there is no perfect love.


Only perfect love exists.

If there is fear,

It produces a state that does not exist. “

UCDM T.1.VI.5.4-8

According to the Course, perfect love is the only reality, the only thing that exists. Fear arose with the thought that we are separated from God. This unreal state is the ego state. The Course does not refer to Freud’s ego, but calls the ego the set of mistaken thoughts we have about ourselves

• Sometimes we tell ourselves that we will do something we fear, when we are not so afraid. We believe that fear is something that will go away on its own as time goes on. Fear does not go away by itself. We have to work with the mistaken thoughts that causes it.

• Other times, we use fear as an excuse for not doing something, as we see it as a message that we are walking in the wrong direction. Let’s not fool ourselves. When our intuition tries to show us the way, it does so in a smooth and calm way, without fear. When we feel fear, it’s the ego that speaks to us.

Fear is something irrational that will be with us until we face it and see that it was just an illusion, a wrong thought. We will achieve our goals when we switch the position of our fear. Instead of putting it in front as a barrier, we put it behind it, so that it drives us to achieve what we want, since fear, like everything, is energy.

Fear manifests itself in different ways that do not allow us to be successful. Among them are the following:

1. Fear of the unknown.

2. Fear of making a mistake or taking risks.

3. Fear of failure.

4. Fear of success.

5. Fear of being poor.

6. Fear of ridicule.

7. Fear of growing up.

Steps to follow to deal with fears:

1. Analyze the situation

a. What is the worst that can happen? Can you deal with this?

b. What can I lose if I don’t do this?

– How would I feel?

– What is the cost to me?           

– What are the benefits for me if I do it?

2. Recognize that you control your thoughts and emotions and can change them. These do not control you.

3. Do it.

a. Divide it into manageable parts.

b. Claim the power of your Higher Self.

c. Be willing to choose growth over safety.

d. Let your fear die from inattention.

4. Learn to love your fear.

a. Realize that the Universe only brings you what is good for you, even if it’s not apparent.

b. Send light to your fear.

In the next blog I will touch on the topic of resistance. I hope to see you around.

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