Does our human race exist by spontaneous generation or by the evolution of some species?

Many of us have seen movies like Star Wars, where we see humanoid beings of different races and think that this was the product of the producer’s imagination. However, that is a reality.

All races that later end up as humanoids in the galaxy start from the animal platform. There are insectoid races that develop into humanoids but from the insect. The cetaceans end in cetacean humanoids; the reptiles end in reptilian humanoids, etc.

Cosmic geneticists set a four-legged animal to evolve until the race transforms. These humanoid races are anthropomorphic; they have a head, trunk, arms, and legs.

This transformation takes eons of Earth years because there is no timeline in the universe. In general, 90% of the creation of the races that end in humanoids in the entire galaxy is because geneticists put an animal race to evolution.

Planet Earth is the only planet in the entire galaxy and the star systems that generate their own lives. Life develops on all the other sides of our galaxy, planets, star systems, constellations, but geneticists must go and implant it, which is done by an artificial method in a cosmic laboratory.

Planet Earth, from the Source, is designed based on many things, such as frequencies, chemicals, etc., so that it develops a life of its own. Our Planet, unlike others, has the soul of a cosmic feminine consciousness that works through the divine feminine. We know her on the planet as Gaia, and she is the cosmic consciousness of the famous goddess Isis. Isis was fractalized and is the soul that inhabits the Earth.

One in 10 planets has a specific laboratory function. Earth is a laboratory planet for creating races and DNA to sow them throughout the galaxy later. We must understand that we are not here by spontaneous generation. It’s not that there was a monkey or an insect, and we ended up being us by evolution. The human race was created by design and at the request of Nebadon, the Creator.

Changes that lie ahead

Our cosmic brothers are sending the frequencies that entered through the portals 11/11, 9/99, 2/22, etc. We are already in a high-end frequency that causes our physical body to increase resistance. Comparing it with computing, we activate more applications. What happens with this?

  • We could only use 2 or 3 human body applications with 51 Hertz, which is our frequency in 3D. We were only using 2 of the 12 DNA strands in the third dimension. In the fifth dimension, we will put into motion the 12 DNA fibers with which we were designed.
  • At the consciousness level, we will stop using the rational, analytical mind mode of reasoning. We will use a higher level of consciousness and connect by putting the 12 DNA fibers into activity. In this way, we will connect with everything alive on planet Earth that we have been disconnected from until now.
  • The machinery we have, or spacesuit, called the human body, which we use to be here on Earth, has to be accommodated so that we can belong to the entire terrestrial frequency of the fifth dimension with this spacesuit.
  • The Earth itself will also be installed on the next higher level.
  • At the sociocultural level, all the hostile cultural schemes we have used to handle ourselves on the planet will fall or disarm, to rearm at the next higher level.

To give an example so that it is understood:

  • The alimentary system we know falls. We will be eating living food that grows with the sunlight.
  • The financial-economic system falls to become a productive economic system.
  • The pharmacy medicine system falls. It falls apart because scientific pharmacology is not biocompatible with the body. What is compatible is the medicine of medicinal plants. That’s the reset. We will continue to have pharmacology, but directly from the land as it was initially.
  • The educational system falls the way it presently is in the school system.
  • Our biology will change.
  • The human race will change because it goes to the next higher level. We have to adjust socio-culturally at a planetary level for all the systems to function perfectly.

These changes will happen because the old systems were formatted to serve the third dimension. They are obsolete for the fifth dimension. The new humanity must reprogram those systems according to the higher level in the fifth dimension.

Welcome to what will be the 5D. I, for one, can’t wait.

The fall of Nebadón’s plan

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how, if we were created to evolve in love, we have been able to reach the chaos we are experiencing. What happened? Where did the deviation occur?

Remember that in one of the previous blogs, I mentioned the Fall of humanity or the Rebellion of Luz Bel. Because of this rebellion, portals were opened, and very dark reptilian races entered the Earth that allied with the negative polarity of our lower astral body. Their mission was to block the plan of evolution or soul ascension created by Nebadón.

How did these races do it? All creation, be it planets, races, etc., is done through quantum physics and highly advanced technology. To understand this, I imagine that the Universe is a gigantic computer and that each planet and being has its software. That software is installed in an electromagnetic mesh around the planets by cosmic scientists. In beings, the software is found in their DNA.

The reptilian race is highly advanced in technology. Thanks to this, they knew how to put a “virus” into the original mesh that allowed them to infiltrate the planet. Through the mesh they sent electromagnetic messages to affect the DNA of the race, in such a way, that instead of the twelve DNA fibers we could use only two.

In addition, these negative races infiltrated the priesthood of the time and the first dogmas that were just being established as schools for human beings. These schools planned to teach humanity to evolve and ascend in love.

These races infiltrated this plan so much that they ended up taking over all the dogmas and religions, disguised themselves as light, and led humanity to fall off the original plan. This infiltration mainly began in Egypt, at the time of the Pharaohs. And they never stopped from there.

Since then, the love for power, greed, wars, exterminations, lies disguised as truths, control, etc., predominate. From there came the Crusades, the extermination of the Jews, the sexual abuse of children, and many other atrocities.

But there is hope. I will continue to inform you which in the next blog.

Who is Andrea Barnabé?

For a while, I will be writing information that has come through Andrea Barnabé, so I think it’s important that you know something about her.

When I explain Andrea’s role, remember this. Imagine highly advanced civilizations where technology is way ahead of ours. Now, we are beginning to see a glimpse of it on Earth, with computers, the internet, Wi-Fi, and the cloud to store information.

In this historical moment, where the Earth and its inhabitants enter the 5th dimension (5D), many evolved beings are incarnating in service to help Earth ascend with their high energy. They achieve this by holding the frequency needed for that planetary ascension with their high energetic vibration. Not all people who are incarnated are in service. Others finish their soul experiment, and others are here for something else.

Andrea is here in service. She has told us that most of her incarnations were in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt before the time of the Pharaohs. Very few were like a Hebrew and now in Argentina. In previous incarnations, she came as a cosmic scribe or librarian. Her job was to document everything humanity was experiencing and send it to the universal data bank. (Imagine a universal “data cloud.”) That is, sending information from the Planet to the Cosmos, to the universal cloud.

In this incarnation, she came for the opposite, to bring information from the Cosmos to Earth, to help us raise our vibration to enter the 5D.

Many who incarnated for service are waking up to their mission, mainly since 2012. In Andrea’s case, she didn’t have to wake up since she was born without the veil that doesn’t allow us to remember past lives. Because of this, she has direct access to the information bank of what she came to teach us.

This fact was a little hard for me to accept when I first heard it. However, listening to Andrea’s classes, I realized this is so, mainly when she answers questions without the slightest difficulty. You must listen to her to understand what I’m trying to explain.

Whoever has an open mind will not regret it.

NOTE: This is a translation from the blog I write in Spanish. As I mentioned before, the classes are in Spanish.  I just found on YouTube the following: 5th Dimension part 1. Andrea Barnabe in English. Cosmic Library translation.

I am sure if you search the internet, especially YouTube, you will find more information in English about the Earth’s transition into the Fifth Dimension.

The History of Humanity I

As I mentioned in the previous blog, I invite you to open your mind to new things. As you will see, if you continue reading, what we were taught is incorrect, or vitally important things were left out. This information contains topics that you may have never heard of. The material is taken chiefly from classes called “Masterclass” given by Naty Fabiano and Andrea Barnabe through YouTube every Friday. Unfortunately for the non-Spanish speaking, they are in Spanish.

Before learning where we are going, I think it is necessary to know where we come from. The human body is a magnificent design. Each system is designed to perfection. Each of the millions of nerves, neurons, etc., has a specific function. Has it ever occurred to you how this came about?

We live in a multiverse wherein each of the thousands or millions of universes has its Creator. The Creator of our universe is called Nebadon. He is in such a high dimension that there is no physicality. He designed all the planets and all the races that inhabit those planets. Later, the Creator handed over the design to the so-called cosmic geneticists who sought to form the DNA of the races, according to what the Creator wanted. The geneticists created some races to develop the mental part. They created other races to develop spirituality. Each area that the races inhabited had a cosmic administrator to help the race develop.

Before recorded history, a continent called Mu existed on Earth that had an area called Lemuria. In Lemuria, they installed the race that was going to work spirituality. The inhabitants achieved significant spiritual development.a

There was another island continent called Atlantis. In Atlantis, the race worked on the mental part. The administrator of Atlantis was called Luz Vel, who was later called Lucifer.

Nebadon designed a new race where he wanted the mind, body, and spirit to unite in the same being. That race would carry the same DNA as the Creator. Each being would have a fractal of the Creator and, therefore, be united and part of the Creator.

When Luz Vel learned of this plan, he disagreed. So that Nebadon’s project could not be carried out, Luz Vel convinced other evolved beings to join him. The result was what has been called the Fall or interstellar wars. Due to these wars, Lemuria and Atlantis sank.

In the next blog, I will continue reporting on humanity.

Until next time.

What is the fifth dimension?

To understand, and if you vibrate with the information, to accept the concepts that I will publish in the following blogs, you must take everything you have learned so far, put it in a box and put that box on a shelf. Open your mind to infinite possibilities.

The fifth dimension is a frequency and state of consciousness. Many people think that the fifth dimension is a place where we are heading as humanity and as a planet. We’re not going anywhere.

At this time that we are in the third dimension, the Earth’s vibrational frequency is 7.8 hertz. The vibratory frequency goes from 40 to 100 hertz in the fifth dimension. What a jump in vibration this is.

So that our bodies can exist in the third dimension, which is very dense, the body’s base is carbon, which is a very dense element. Our diet is based on animal meat for this reason.

In the process to the fifth dimension, the human body of whoever decides to be in the fifth dimension will have silicon as its base. I say the one who decides because, as in everything in life, all beings have free will. They can decide what they want and live the consequences of their decision.

How is this change from carbon to silicon achieved? There are two main pathways:

  1. Through the foods you choose

Once you begin the transition from carbon to silicon, you must eat foods nourished by the sun, such as vegetables and fruits. This does not mean that you immediately have to give up all meats. It is a process. You will notice how, little by little, you stop being interested in that type of food.

  1. Through thoughts and attitudes

Negative thoughts, anger, and other negative emotions keep you in a low vibration. To subsist in a high vibration, you must raise the physical body’s vibration. You achieve this by doing, among other things, the following:

  • Keeping your mind on love and all its manifestations.
  • Forgiving and learning to see things from love.
  • Working on your fears and concerns.
  • Meditating
  • Praying

Start with these two things, and little by little, you will see a change in yourself. Onwards with the changes.

Happy anniversary, today it’s been one year since I started publishing my blogs.

As I mentioned before in one of my first blogs, since I was very young I felt a calling to help awaken people. We are in a place in the history of humanity and planet Earth with its soul, GAIA, that awakening of consciousness is a yes or yes situation.  Everyone that wants to ascend will have to say yes to this immense ascension of our planet and its inhabitants, us, and every living thing, to ascend in consciousness into the fifth dimension.

We are now and have been for many, many years, in the third dimension. And you may ask, why not to the fourth dimension?  We are ascending in physicality and the fourth dimension is an ethereal dimension. This is the dimension we go to when we die and have no physicality.

I hope with my blogs I have helped you elevate your consciousness. I will now try to make understanding this ascension in consciousness easier.


If you want to have a positive day, create it. 

When I go to bed at night, I spend some time reviewing my day. I calmly bring to my mind all the good things that I attracted into my life that day. After analyzing them, I am grateful for having lived them. The energy of gratitude attracts things of similar energy.

Once I finish with everything positive, I start to think about what I didn’t like or what didn’t make me happy. Here is where my analysis begins.

  • First of all, I recognize that everything came from me. Nothing and no one is to blame.
  • Then I stop with each experience and look within myself for my lesson.
  • For clarity, I turn to my Holy Spirit or Higher Self to help me see things clearly.
  • Some of the lessons may be patience, compassion, tolerance.
  • Once I am clear about the reason for that experience in my life, I let it go after expressing gratitude. I don’t keep it in my mind and then suffer again for not letting go.

The following morning, before I get up, I plan the day I want to have in my mind. Here I use all my imagination.

  • If I have specific things to do, I think about each one individually. I visualize myself doing it, and I bring to my heart the great joy that this activity will bring me.
  • I think of all the details and enjoy it on my mind. I don’t allow anything negative to enter my mind.
  • After I’ve done the same thing with everything I want to do that day, I get up and start my day.

I create the day I want. And if I don’t make it today, it will be tomorrow. You also have that power.


Do I choose to be a victim or to be at peace?

The other night I suffered an attack of many feelings: anger, sadness, anxiety. I left the door to my room open. The male dog saw it, and I imagine he thought, aha, they never let me in that room. Let me enter and mark my territory, which is the only place that I am missing in this house.

When I came out to scold him, my son grabbed him, took him to my room, told him firmly “You don’t do that there,” and spanked him. When I saw that, I went crazy. I started screaming that I couldn’t deal with violence, that he should never do something like that in front of me again. I was so upset that I locked myself in my room to cry. After a while, I calmed down and began to analyze the situation.

These are the things I could have done:

  • See my son as an abuser. (Which I knew he wasn’t.)
  • Be angry with him.
  • Feel like a victim. Choose to be unhappy instead of choosing peace.

These are the things I did:

  • Breathe deeply to calm myself.
  • Recognize that there is nothing outside of me.
  • See my son as innocent.
  • Search within me to see what was activated in me.
  • Acknowledge that my reaction was exaggerated because it was just a pat.
  • Ask my Holy Spirit to help me see things differently.

After a while, the following memories came to mind:

  • When my two children were young, I spanked them on the legs when they misbehaved.
  • I learned that from my mother, and surely, she learned it from hers.
  • I felt great sadness and guilt.
  • I understood that I didn’t know better at that time, but thank God I have for a long time.
  • I asked my Holy Spirit to help me forgive myself and my mother.
  • I thought of Lesson 34 in A Course in Miracles that says “I could see peace instead of this.”
  • After this, I closed my eyes and was silent for a while, breathing deeply. After a while, I felt great peace and knew that the process was over.

In the morning, I spoke with my son and apologized for my ignorance when he was a child. His response was, “to forgive you again? I forgave you the first time you asked me a long time ago.

Obviously, the one who has to forgive me is me.

And with this story, I invite you to do this process every time an emotion, other than peace or love, arises. By doing so, I spared myself many days of anger and suffering and was at peace again.

Honesty with yourself

I was born honest. No one had to teach me the importance of telling the truth. I have a hard time dealing with dishonest people. If someone lies to me, it is very difficult for me to believe them again.

These days I’ve been thinking about honesty. I recently joined a group called Meet Up. Among my tastes, I put that I liked to dance. What didn’t occur to me at the time is that I love to dance to Latin music. Having lived for many years where Hispanic people predominated, I did not remember that now I live in California where it’s not.

I can dance to American music, but it has to have a rhythm that gets inside me. As it was, I went to my first American party, and the music did not move me. I danced a piece and left. When the second came, I answered again that I would go. I went to YouTube and listened to some songs by the band and realized that I didn’t like them either. I found myself at a crossroads. I had already answered yes, and I thought that at least I should go for a while. Before long, I began to feel uncomfortable and stressed. At the moment, I couldn’t identify my discomfort.

Since my Holy Spirit is my best friend, I began to chat with him (in my mind, of course) about my discomfort and stress. My steps in the conversation are always the same. I tell him, I’m uncomfortable and I know it comes from my thoughts. Help me see what it is, and to change it for a loving one that brings me peace.

After a little while, the word honesty came to mind. I realized that I was not being honest with myself. By not offending the person who runs these activities, I was putting myself in a situation that did not make me happy. Once I realized this, I made the decision not to go. I texted, saying I wasn’t going, and immediately started to feel calm.

Remember, honesty begins at home.