Honesty with yourself

I was born honest. No one had to teach me the importance of telling the truth. I have a hard time dealing with dishonest people. If someone lies to me, it is very difficult for me to believe them again.

These days I’ve been thinking about honesty. I recently joined a group called Meet Up. Among my tastes, I put that I liked to dance. What didn’t occur to me at the time is that I love to dance to Latin music. Having lived for many years where Hispanic people predominated, I did not remember that now I live in California where it’s not.

I can dance to American music, but it has to have a rhythm that gets inside me. As it was, I went to my first American party, and the music did not move me. I danced a piece and left. When the second came, I answered again that I would go. I went to YouTube and listened to some songs by the band and realized that I didn’t like them either. I found myself at a crossroads. I had already answered yes, and I thought that at least I should go for a while. Before long, I began to feel uncomfortable and stressed. At the moment, I couldn’t identify my discomfort.

Since my Holy Spirit is my best friend, I began to chat with him (in my mind, of course) about my discomfort and stress. My steps in the conversation are always the same. I tell him, I’m uncomfortable and I know it comes from my thoughts. Help me see what it is, and to change it for a loving one that brings me peace.

After a little while, the word honesty came to mind. I realized that I was not being honest with myself. By not offending the person who runs these activities, I was putting myself in a situation that did not make me happy. Once I realized this, I made the decision not to go. I texted, saying I wasn’t going, and immediately started to feel calm.

Remember, honesty begins at home.

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