Principle 8: We can choose inner peace no matter what is happening around us.

Despite the apparent chaos in your life, you can choose to be at peace, knowing that you are always connected and sustained by the Source that is always loving and peaceful.

When something doesn’t work out in your life, the tendency is to put the blame on someone outside of yourself. However, what determines your peace are the thoughts you have about things or people.

When you think that you are a victim of circumstances, and to be at peace you have to wait for whatever is bothersome outside of you to change, you have no power.

Nothing outside of you affects you. What you think about it affects you. God’s best gift is the freedom to choose the thoughts you put into your mind. This means that every second you can choose peace over conflict. Once you realize that you choose what you think, you regain your power. You step out of the victim role.

I used this principle a lot when my husband passed away. When I thought about him and the pain became so intense that what I wanted was to cry and cry, I remembered this principle and immediately began to think about something else. I chose peace despite the fact that I no longer had him in my life.

It happened to me once when I was in the car. I began to think about how much I missed him. When I started to feel sadness, I immediately decided to look at the clouds and see what shape they had. I did not allow any other thought to enter my mind except the clouds. I totally focused on them until the pain passed.

You can do this with any situation or thought that takes away your peace. Emotions do not exist by themselves. They are always preceded by a thought. Sometimes that thought is so unconscious that we do not realize it, but you can be sure that it is there, before the emotion.

Exercise your freedom, always choose peace no matter what is happening in your life.

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