Reiki in hospitals

For many, many years, most people walked through life like robots. They worked or went to school during the day. They came, ate, were distracted by something, and went to sleep. The next day the same.

They took as true what was taught in schools or read or heard on the news. On Sundays, they went to church, and so the days, weeks, and years passed.

Little by little, humanity has been slowly awakening. Scientists already talk about quantum energy. Eastern spiritual beliefs were reaching the West. It is already normal to talk about yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and Reiki.

Lately, mainly at patients’ request, many hospitals are including Reiki treatments as part of alternative therapies.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) places Reiki therapy in the bio-field energy category. Bio-field energy is any electric or magnetic field produced by a biological organism. E.g., a human.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

• Releases repressed emotions.

• Increases our energy level, providing us with physical and emotional vitality.

• Causes a very pleasant state of relaxation, reducing or eliminating anxiety. A Reiki treatment helps a lot before and after surgery.

• Relieves physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain and suffering.

• Decreases the side effects of medications and treatments, such as chemotherapy.

Many years ago, a dear friend had cancer. The side effects of chemotherapy were horrible. When I found out, I offered him Reiki, and even though he thought I was crazy, because he trusted me, he allowed it.

Days later, he called me to tell me about the big difference in his well-being after chemotherapy. He said that the side effects were greatly diminished. He asked me if I could attune him and his wife to Reiki, so he could receive a Reiki treatment before and after the chemotherapy.

Eventually, my friend died. However, his quality of life through the end was vastly better than what he had before Reiki.

Before moving to California, the Cleveland Clinic in Weston, FL was looking for Reiki therapist. Also, in many hospitals, nurses and, even doctors are being attuned to Reiki.

I hope that people continue to wake up to this gentle but powerful therapy.

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