Holistic Philosophy – Body part 2

What enters through your nose and your skin?

Our health depends on what enters our mind, mouth, nose, and skin. In previous blogs, I have written about the mouth. Today it’s up to the nose and skin.

When I was in my early forties, an oil tanker ran aground at sea, causing an oil spill near where I lived in Puerto Rico. It was something like the well-known Exxon Valdez but on a smaller scale.

I lived close, but not close enough to smell the horrible stench that oil had. However, I was close enough to breathe in the chemicals. As a result of breathing in the chemicals for several months, my immune system went haywire, and I began to react to most of the chemicals that reached my respiratory system or skin.

To function in this world, I had to stop coloring my hair, nails, using perfume, start cleaning my house with natural products, and not go where I knew there would be chemicals. Although I saw that as a misfortune since I was sick for several years, I see it as a blessing today. Over the years, I continue to react, but I can recover much faster than in those times. But I still have to avoid the harmful chemicals.

People who react like me are called canaries because many years ago, when there was no technology to detect harmful chemicals in the mines, they let a canary go inside the mine. If the canary died, the miners did not enter. If the canary did not die, they entered.

Why am I telling you this story? Because, although in a much slower way, those chemicals that hurt me immediately hurt other people over time. What happens is that since it is not instantaneous as it is with me, they do not see the relationship between their health conditions and the chemicals. But that’s how it is.

Not only do many of the people bathe in perfumes, dye their hair and paint their nails, but they also clean their houses with very toxic products, smoke, or are around people who smoke.

Nobody thinks they will be old anytime soon, but life passes extremely fast, and the body deteriorates. Thanks to the fact that I had to be so careful with toxins, I can proudly say that I am not suffering from anything. I don’t have to take medication for any condition because my body, free of toxins, can regulate everything well.

Especially now with the pandemic, if you want a strong immune system that fights any virus or bacteria, you have to put your body in optimal conditions. To achieve this, if you don’t want to totally eliminate all chemicals toxic to your health, you must reduce them considerably. Today there are many natural products that do the same job. Start reading the labels of the products you buy.

Take care of your body from toxins. No one is going to do it for you.

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