Holistic philosophy – the Body Part I

What goes into your mouth?

In a previous blog, I mentioned the relationship between health and thoughts. Today I am going to discuss the importance of a good diet for a good and healthy body.

Many years ago, people lived from family farming. We ate what small farmers grew. These foods were nutritious and met all the body’s needs of vitamins, minerals, etc.

Unfortunately, that went down in history. Today large agricultural companies dominate the food market. To have bigger and faster harvests, they turned to chemicals and pesticides, which many people automatically put into the body. These foods take away hunger, but they do not think about the damage these chemicals and lack of nutrients are doing to them.

The conditions in which the animals that give us meat, eggs, etc., live are disastrous. Some can barely move. The antibiotics and other medications that are given to them to produce more and more are many. All these chemicals and the negative energy from suffering remain in the flesh and pass into the body of the person who consumes it. To that, we can add the terror and despair they feel when they are killed.

Sodas and other soft drinks full of sugar and other chemicals were introduced (diet sodas are included) and bags of chips etc., full of fats and chemicals. These chemicals create a kind of addiction where every time we want to drink or eat more.

This type of diet creates very dense energy in the human body. Apart from that, obesity has been on the rise more and more. That brings other complications to health.

If you want to improve your health, you need to watch what goes into your mouth. Start, little by little, to eat healthier. The perfect thing would be to eat only organic foods that do not have the chemicals I mentioned. If you like to plant, grow your vegetables and fruits organically.

Eat less meat. If you eat every day now, start by eliminating one day. As you get used to it, you eliminate another one, and little by little, you change your meat diet.

Try to reduce, until you can eliminate them, the sodas and chips and other harmful things, everything little by little. The body has to get used to the new way of eating.

Keep a journal of what you eat. Put the date and how you felt during that day. The journal will help you realize if something you are eating is causing you symptoms, such as sleepy, tired, full of gas, you can’t string ideas together or forget things. If you find that something does not agree with you, eliminate it.

Finally, the purity of the water we drink. The purer, the better it is. Now a days, governments treat water to make it drinkable. Although it is much better than if they did not treat it, it still has many chemicals and harmful substances. The best thing is a filter in the house that purifies it completely.

Everyone is responsible for their health. To achieve any change, commitment and dedication are necessary. I invite you to try it.

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