A Course in Miracles and the Scarcity Principle

Since we thought that we had separated ourselves from God and created the ego, we always live looking for that something that completes us, without realizing that something, which is the only thing that would complete us, is God. According to the Course, this search comes from the scarcity principle, which is the belief that something is missing.

The something that you think you are lacking can be love, abundance, bliss, a sense of sufficiency, beauty, etc. When you feel that you are missing something, you think that nobody loves you, that there is something incomplete within you, that you are not enough, you feel alone.

The ego or wrong mind tells you that this is easily solved. What you have to do is look for it outside of yourself.

Some people look for it in food and overeat. Others drink and drink like a bottomless keg. Some people have to be buying the latest fashionable things even if they have their closet complete. What doesn’t occur to them is that they are doing that to fill a hole that they feel deep inside.

Take a good look at yourself with great honesty. What motivates you? What do you do to fill your life? How do you feel when you can’t? Do you take responsibility for your failures, or do you blame someone else?

In my case, it was the couple’s relationship. I had a feeling that I did not belong and that I was not enough. Unconsciously, I thought that having a partner would resolve this feeling. How wrong I was.

In the next blog, I will explain what special relationships are according to A Course in Miracles. You will see how when the Course talks about relationships, it doesn’t refer only to a couple’s relationship. Until next time.

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