How does the mind work?

I’ve been writing about mind, thoughts etc. But, how does this work? Actually, there is only one mind, but in order to better understand the workings of the mind, I am going to refer to three minds, the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the superconscious mind.

The conscious mind is:

• The rational mind.

• The part of the mind that analyzes.

• You think with the conscious mind.

• The conscious mind discriminates.

• Determines if you like something or not, if you choose it or not.

• It is the one who judges.

The unconscious mind is:

• The part that makes it possible for our physical functions to continue without our

conscious will.

• The part that stores the experiences we have had from the moment of conception.

• It’s like a computer’s hard drive, sorting information according to the way we first

experienced it.

• The unconscious mind does not discriminate.

• It is the part with which we create. Once you accept an idea, you will begin to express it.

• Has no sense of humor. If you have the belief that “I do not deserve to be happy,” the unconscious mind does not enter into an analysis of whether it is true or not, or whether it serves you or not, it will say “yes” and create situations in your life where you feel that you don’t deserve.

When you think how your thoughts are stored, imagine an iceberg. The conscious mind would be the tip of the iceberg that is out of the water. The unconscious mind, the largest part, would be the rest of the iceberg that cannot be seen because it is in the water.

The supra-conscious mind is that part of our mind that is connected to God, all that is, the Universe, as each one wants to call the Totality. It is the part of our mind united with Infinite Intelligence.

If you want to change your life you have to work with your unconscious mind.

All the thoughts that create each moment of your life are stored there.

I will teach you some techniques that can help you in another blog.

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