Principle 10: We can focus on the whole of our lives rather than the fragments.

Has it ever happened to you that you meet someone for the first time and you think, “I don’t like him”? After a while, you get to know him better, and he ends up being a great friend. When you look at a fragment of life, you miss the totality. At that moment, you forget that everything you see outside is your projection, and you judge. The above applies to judging yourself or other people. Many times, you talk or think about something without having all the elements.

Instead of judging a fragment of something, it would help to apply Principle 10 and focus on the whole instead of the fragments. This reminds me of an experience I had in my teens. I met a boy who I classified as ugly, and I focused on that. Without knowing him, I didn’t want to go out with him. As life leads us to where we have things to heal, we coincided in an activity months later. He was sitting next to me. I began to realize his intelligence, kindness, and many other qualities I was unaware he had. As the night went by, I saw him more and more handsome. I stopped focusing on a fragment and began to focus on the whole.

This principle applies to all areas of your life. For example, if you are diagnosed with a disease, do not identify with it as if that was all you are. If you are in a job and they fire you, do not identify yourself as a failure. If a relationship ends, do not identify yourself as someone who is not worthy of being loved.

Your Being is unlimited and eternal. It comprises everything. This truth is something you have to always keep in mind. We are all here to remind ourselves of that truth.

In this dimension of time and space that we call Earth, we think that we are made up of many separate parts, like the pieces of a puzzle. The number of fragments for each depends on their mental conditioning from birth. But that is an illusion that makes it difficult to see the whole. Decide to see differently and see the totality of who you are. See the puzzle complete. This decision will bring you a lot of peace.

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