Principle 11: Because love is eternal, death need not be viewed as fearful

Part of our judgment is about death. So many people are afraid of it. We begin to let go of the fear of death when we truly believe that what is real never changes and that Love is always present.

Death is merely a transition from one state of being to another. The body is temporary and is an instrument that we have created for our learning, but life, our essence, being spirit, is eternal.

One of the main messages that Jesus came to teach us with his death and resurrection is that death does not exist, that we are eternal because we are extensions of pure Love.

I was honored to witness the moment my grandmother, my mom, and my dad passed away. In all three cases, it was the same. I could feel the precise moment when the soul left the body. Once it was separated, the body lay inert, lifeless, when the energy was felt inhabiting that body a few seconds before. My feeling was that my relative was no longer that body. It was much more, but no longer that body .

My grandmother died at 93 years old. She told me that sometimes when she slept, she felt my grandfather, who had died years before. I always told her to remember that Love eternally unites us and that it was possible that my grandfather would visit her some nights while she slept. The day she died, my watch stopped at the precise moment that I felt her spirit leave my body. I have always thought that she sent me a message so that I would not doubt that what I said was true. Death does not exist. We are eternal.

Those experiences led me to the certainty that death is not to be feared, as we are eternal. What dies is the body. Our essence of love never dies.

I invite you to make an evaluation of what you think about death. Write down all the scary thoughts that come up. Look at them one by one. Stick with each thought until you can identify where your fear is coming from. Practice feeling your oneness with everything. This is achieved through silent meditation. When you achieve that mental silence, the barriers that you have put with your ego thoughts are eliminated and you only feel the peace and eternal love that you are. If you’ve never done it, try little by little until you can do it for at least 20 minutes. Once you can feel the love that you are, whenever you want, the fear of death will dissipate and you can enjoy life much more.

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