Reiki and Children

Reiki is so simple that it can be taught to children. Many years ago, I attuned my great-nephew to Reiki energy. At that time, he was around five years old. Since I love children, I had learned a simple and fun way to teach them at their level. The name of the course is Reiki Kids.

I remember telling him that intention was like the light switch for the Reiki energy to start flowing through his hands. You think about Reiki, and the energy will begin to flow through your little hands, I said. Maybe, they will get hot.

Shortly after finishing, his mother came to get him. I saw them already in the car when suddenly I heard his little voice at the door. Titi Yve, titi Yve, he called. When I opened the door, he told me, screaming with emotion, “This works, I thought of Reiki, and now my hands are very warm.” And that’s how beautiful my first experience teaching a child was.

Years later, when I moved to Florida, I had my classes with groups of children from five to twelve years old. I remember that the ad said from nine to twelve when I received a call from a mother who told me that her five-year-old girl wanted to take the class. Upon reflection, I decided that if she was interested enough to ask her mom to call me, it was because she was ready. Needless to say, she was the one who asked more questions and participated the most in the class.

I had the honor of attuning my four grandchildren to Reiki. The innocence of children makes all these things very natural to them.

A year ago, I moved to California in the middle of the pandemic. I have not started teaching my classes yet. Who knows if one of these days I shake myself off and start over.  Meanwhile, I am delighted to write about my experiences.

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