Reiki and childbirth- a beautiful experience

Who would like to give birth without feeling horrible pain? I would have loved it, but I didn’t know that Reiki existed when I had my children.

When I went to Georgetown Law University to get a master’s degree, I was outside of Puerto Rico for a while. When I returned, I didn’t know that my friend Carmen was pregnant.

Since things happen when they have to, I locked my apartment door with the keys inside. My friend, Margarita, who had keys, was not arriving until late at night. Since I had the car keys in my pocket, I visited my sister’s mother-in-law, who lived near me. To my surprise, her immediate neighbor and niece, Carmen, was giving birth at her home with midwives.

When Carmen saw my car through the window, she asked me to come to see her. While I was standing next to her, an inner voice told me to put my hands on her belly. I asked Carmen if she knew what Reiki was, and she said no, but that she trusted me to do whatever I wanted.

I had never given Reiki in childbirth before but decided to follow my intuition. Following my inner voice, I put my hands on her lower belly. About five minutes later, she told me, “Hey Yve, I no longer feel pain where your hands are, just the muscles contracting.” I felt panic. I thought that I had paralyzed the labor and didn’t know how to activate it again. I commented on it to the midwives, who told me that nobody would stop the delivery to continue with Reiki.

I went back to Carmen and asked her where it hurt. She told me it was above where I had removed the previous pain, so I put my hands there.

To make a long story short, I spent the entire labor giving her Reiki, and she was pain-free and relaxed. She just felt the muscles contracting. Finally, her baby was born, and it was the most beautiful experience I have ever had giving Reiki. Carmen was so impressed that when I started as a Reiki teacher, she was my second student.

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