Stop and Really See Yourself

Do you really see yourself? Have you ever thought that you’re going through life like a robot? Reacting to situations without asking what’s inside of you that causes you to react? Maybe working on a job you don’t like because you have to eat and pay debts? Being in a battered relationship without analyzing how you are contributing to make it so, and how can you change to improve it?

And so, the days and years go by and one day you ask yourself, is this all there is? Then you start to wonder, what if what my parents, friends, society taught me, isn’t it? What if there is another way of looking at things? What if …

Once you ask yourself those questions, people, blogs, books, workshops begin to reach you, so you can see new ideas, new ways of being. Even in unpleasant, difficult situations, you can see how those situations have taught you to grow, how they have strengthened you, how, if you look inward, you can see how you contributed to make that situation so.

And in that way, you grow as a human being. Once you realize that you are not a robot, that you have control of your reactions, of your decisions, you are learning that you are something more than that body with which you have identified all life. And so, little by little, you are waking up to the love that you are.

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