The other side of COVID-19

Have you considered that there is another way of looking at COVID? When at the beginning of 2020, they announced COVID 99.999% of the world population panicked. I remember that I asked for everything from Instacart. When it arrived, I would enter the groceries and wash each item before putting it away. Other people left the bags outside, and they would spray Lysol on them. After they considered that everything was “purified,” they entered it. Before entering the house, they left their shoes outside not to infect the inside of the house. What I still don’t understand was the mass collection of toilet paper.

Here are some of the positives I saw:

• With the closure of schools and offices to work from home, I began to see other things. I remember that one day I heard children laughing. When I looked out the window, I noticed that parents were playing with their children in a green area on the other side of the lake behind my house. That only happened on weekends before COVID. I began to see them cycling, enjoying themselves as a family as they couldn’t do before.

  • I saw the difficulty of parents who had to work from home while their children went to school online. This motivated companies to realize that employees working from home had similar performances with less stress for those who had to travel more than an hour to work. It was possibly less expensive for the companies.

• Now, medical plans accept visits online. In situations where you don’t have to be in front of a doctor, you can “see” the doctor online, avoiding getting infected in an office where sick people go.

• Since there were almost no cars on the roads, pollution decreased.

• People saw animals walking the streets in some cities near fields or mountains.

• In the canals in Venice, the water cleared and fish could be seen.

• All of these changes have helped us do introspection and determine our priorities, putting aside things that are no longer important. In my case, this led me to find time to do what I felt I had to do for many years, this blog.

Although the situation is improving, it isn’t over yet. Each one has to decide whether to watch the news with the horrors mentioned, talk all the time about negative things, or look for the positive side and know that everything will be fine in the long run. This without detracting from the people who have suffered the loss of their loved ones.

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