You are not aware of how powerful you are. You have the ability to manifest on the physical plane what already exists on the ethereal planes. As I mentioned in previous blogs, you do it through your thoughts.

I also mentioned before, the concepts of the law of radiation, magnetization and attraction. These laws are essential to consciously manifest what you want.

  • Any idea or thought that you send to the Universe returns to you multiplied.
  • Another way of saying it is that what you focus on expands, or you reap what you sow. This explains the Universal Law that states that the similar attracts the similar.
  • To summarize, the law of radiation is the law of projecting or sending something out and the law of magnetization or attraction, that of picking up or attracting towards itself.
  • There is a constant and perfect exchange of Divine Energy flowing between the Creator and us.
  • When you attune to this, you have inner peace, prosperity at all levels, good relationships with others, etc.
  • In this case your vibration is high.

Many times you have put out some energy blocks that are called fears, which don’t allow your Divine heritage to reach you, because the vibration of fear is dense and negative.

When you are trying to manifest something in your life, and you are unable to do so, it’s time to stop and analyze why and with what you are blocking it.

  • If, for example, you are trying to manifest money, ask yourself, what thoughts of scarcity do I have?
  • I invite you to do an analysis of the attitudes towards money that reigned in your house.
  • What was said about money?
  • Of the poor and the rich?
  • What was the attitude about success?

It’s good that you understand that all these attitudes are recorded in your unconscious. Usually, you repeat the patterns learned in your home, even though you have rejected them all your life.

Fear has many different faces. One of the ways in which it can manifest is in fear of change or of the unknown.

  • Unfortunately, the known, even if it is not so good, creates a state of safety.
  • Everything that reminds you of what is familiar makes you feel at home.
  • On the contrary, changing to something that you don’t know, even if it’s for your good, creates anxiety.

However, to manifest what you want in your life you have to be brave. It’s necessary that you are willing to be different from your parents and family members, even to surpass them if you wish.

You have to break the chains of fear, dare to improve and leave behind what no longer serves you. Do a mental wardrobe cleanup. You keep everything that serves you, but what doesn’t, you discard. In this way you make room for new thoughts and attitudes that serve you, that help you manifest all those things that you have always dreamed of, but that you haven’t dared to achieve.

And why haven’t you dared? Quite possibly another disguise of fear is well hidden within you. It’s the one that says that “I don’t deserve….”  As long as that thought is occupying a place in your life, no matter what you do to be successful, you are going to do something so that success doesn’t reach you.

That something may appear as “bad luck”, but bad luck doesn’t exist. There are no coincidences in life. You attracted what you have inside. Everything comes to you to show you what you have to change to achieve inner peace.

When you let go of the past and the future, you let go of fear, because when you are afraid it’s because you are clinging to past experiences or worries about the future. Once you achieve it, your present will be filled with everything you want to manifest. Happy manifesting.

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