Have you ever thought that you don’t have time to do everything you have to do? Would you like the day to have more than 24 hours?

If you want to achieve greater effectiveness in life, a proper way to handle projects, priorities, schedules and interruptions is essential.

Today there are two things that we all use on our cell phones: the calendar and the alarm. The important thing is to learn to use them properly by using time management well.

Time management is the art of investing your precious hours well and wisely in a systematic way and according to your purposes.

If you want to know how you spend your time, do the following exercise:

  • Write down how you spend your time, including how long each thing takes.
  • Do this for a week.

This exercise will help you to:

  • Create awareness of how efficiently or inefficiently you use your hours, and;
  • Will help you develop the ability to use time well.
  • In addition, you will realize the bad habits you may have in your time management.
  • And it will help you to plan your time better.

Once you have your list, start asking yourself if what you do is productive or not. Remember that it is one thing to be busy and another to be effective. Sometimes you are busy because you haven’t planned your time well.

  • One of the things that takes you the most time is not knowing how to say no when something is asked of you.
  • Another is to believe that every time the phone rings you have to answer it. Identify which ones make you waste the most time so that you can be alert when they happen.

To achieve this you can do the following exercise.

  • Make a list of behavior patterns and habits that keep you from getting things done on time.
  • Evaluate the list and decide which ones can be corrected or eliminated.
  • Every time you go to do something ask yourself if it is necessary to do it like this or if it can be simplified.

Once you are clear about your habits:

  • Make a list of your priorities for each day of the week, listing them in order of priority.
  • Analyze the time you are going to dedicate to each one and put it on the calendar.
  • Set an alarm for every hour you start a new task.
  • Once the alarm sounds, the next thing on the list begins.
  • Delegate the things you can delegate.

Over time you can modify your list and your schedules as necessary. You will see how your life becomes much more productive. I wish you success.

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