Creative visualization

Many years ago, when blogs did not exist, my friend, Luzette Rivera-Diez and I, set about the task of writing a newsletter called Awaken Your Infinite Potential. We publish it quarterly for one year. What a wonderful experience.

In one of the editions, she wrote an article entitled “Creative Visualization: The Power of Imagination”. In that article, rephrasing what she wrote, we can define creative visualization as:

• One of the easier hidden powers of man to activate and practice.

• It’s the name given to what we create in the imagination or what we see with the mental eye.

• It is the idea or image of something, of some circumstance or condition that we want in our life.

The mind is like a computer. However, many people don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Creative visualization is the power of success. There are many books that teach visualization, including Creative Visualization by Denning, Melita & Phillips, Osborne, where it says that:

• It’s a technique to mobilize our internal resources for success.

• It’s a method to open channels to other dimensions to attract the abundance of the Universe.

Take the following steps regularly:

1. Relax. Relaxation is very important for visualization. You have to learn to deliberately relax. We are so used to being in tension that sometimes we realize we are tense.

Practice feeling the difference with the following exercise:

  • Make fists. Open the hand.
  • Any muscle in the body will respond to any mental instruction, as long as you know you can do it.
  • Now, begin to tighten and release the different muscles in your body, starting with the feet and ending with the scalp.
  • If you do this exercise, you will immediately notice when you have some area of ​​your body in tension.

Rhythmic breathing, which I explained in another blog, is very important to achieve total relaxation. It also helps you focus.

To achieve physical relaxation it is necessary to relax mentally, because our body merely reflects the state of our mind. When you master relaxation, you gain so much energy that it becomes easier and easier to solve any problem.

2. Bring to your mental screen what you want to manifest, with all its details, colors, smells, tastes, sensations, exact place, etc. Focus on your image.

  • When you want to manifest something, it is important that you are clear about the essence of what you want.
  • By essence I mean the characteristics.
  • For example, it isn’t a matter of saying that you want a job in X Company. Rather, what are the characteristics of that job that you want? These could be group work, casual dress, X salary, etc. By focusing on the essence, you allow the universe to bring you what is best for you, without setting limits.

3. Visualize yourself in the image. Feel the excitement of achieving your goal. Sustain that emotion whenever you can, even when you come out of your exercise. Try to live it all the time. Feel the joy as if everything is accomplished NOW.

4. Just as important as visualizing in detail is the emotion you feel when you think you have achieved your goal. Desire is a form of electricity that creates a magnetic field. This emotion is what will propel the energy to the Universe that will then attract your goal.

5. With your index finger, touch yourself in the place where you have your mental image. Press the spot for 30 seconds.

6. Charge your image with energy. Imagine a circle around your image. Then feel how a ray of light enters your head and fills every cell in your body, leaving through your heart. Guide that ray to your vision, without leaving the circle. That is the light of creation.

7. Make an affirmation about your visualization. State what you want to achieve as already given. For example, instead of saying I want a job, say I have a job.

8. Commit to manifesting your desire. As long as you don’t commit to doing something, you will always go from one place to another, expending energy on what isn’t what you want. You commit, and then you focus on what you want. Where you put your attention expands.

9. Have faith that you will achieve your wish. Faith is the certainty of what is not seen and moves mountains.

10. Feel grateful as if you’ve already gotten what you want.

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