Once you make the decision to change, get ready. One of the things we fear the most is change.

• We will find resistance in every corner.

• Your family and friends will want you to be the same as before.

• They will directly or indirectly demand that you revert to your previous behavior.

• This will make you afraid of losing the people you love.

When someone changes their thinking to more positive thoughts, their vibrational level changes. It is true that there will be people who move away from your life, because they no longer vibrate the same as you, but others will arrive who are more in tune with the new person you are becoming. Others will adapt to your changes and that will motivate them to grow as well.

Be alert to self-sabotage. The unconscious will give you thousands of reasons why you should not change. Always seek the highest thought and move towards it.


To get in tune with your intuition, which is through which the Holy Spirit, also called the Higher Self, speaks to you, it is important that you take a few minutes every day to be silent. The mind is in constant activity and it is necessary to train it to be able to listen to the inner voice that is the voice of God in us.

Meditating is not just a discipline, but a lifestyle, because meditation influences everything we do during the day. The following steps will help you meditate better:

1. Choose a fixed time, preferably in the same place. Regularity, consistency and patience are important.

2. Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Select those things that help you relax and focus when meditating. It can be a candle, incense, soft music, a mantra, mindful breathing, sacred reading, relaxation exercises, praying for three minutes to prepare the mind. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to God.

3. Invoke Divine protection. Affirm that nothing that doesn’t vibrate with Love will enter your aura.

4. Focus on an affirmation. Start repeating a short affirmation or mantra to help you focus. Use it until you can feel the meaning of the affirmation.

5. Enter into silence. Every time thoughts come up, repeat the affirmation or mantra, or

6. Conscious and Rhythmic Breathing. You can also use the conscious and rhythmic breathing that I explained in the last blog.

7. Pray for others. When asking for others it is always good to say, according to their Divine Plan, or something like that.

8. It is better to meditate sitting in a chair with your back straight. Hands can be palms down or palms up.

Meditation is a technique that dates back thousands of years. It helps us get in touch with that part of us that knows everything. It is where we find the answers to our questions. All knowledge lies within us, but we have to learn to find it. Meditation is one way to do it.

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