Do you know how to give and receive?

I recently mentioned in another blog that giving and receiving are the same. Since a relationship is a perfect laboratory for healing, I will examine one way this principle manifests itself.

At all times, you are giving and receiving, even if you don’t realize it. Everything is energy, and you are in a constant exchange of energy with other people.

You are constantly giving and receiving through thought. Creating awareness of these is your responsibility. In this way, you will only be giving positive and uplifting thoughts.

It is essential to establish a balance between giving and receiving in a relationship, be it a couple, friendship, family, etc. To establish this balance, it is fundamental to feel that you are worthy of receiving.

As long as you are open to receive and willing to give, there will be a balance in this energetic exchange. It is when you close yourself to receiving or are unable to give that you create an imbalance.

This imbalance often causes resentment in those who give all the time without feeling they are receiving or those who receive without feeling they are giving.

In the special relationships that A Course in Miracles mentions, where we unconsciously seek a relationship to fill some void, the saying that opposites attract has its truth. Often, one who doesn’t know how to give will attract someone who needs to learn to receive and vice versa.

I have previously said that what we see outside is a mirror of what we have inside. I recommend that you stop the blaming game and start looking inside. If the other person complains you don’t give them what they need or don’t know how to receive, stop and listen. Look for your thoughts that are not allowing you to give or to receive. If you want to raise your consciousness, see the other person as your teacher and be grateful that they are there to teach you what you need to learn.

As giving and receiving is the same, start giving what you want to receive, and you will see how everything changes. As energy returns multiplied to the place of origin, you will not only notice the happiness of giving, but to the extent that you give, you will receive.

You receive love by giving it. But remember that true giving is unconditional and expects nothing in return.

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