Are you brave or fearful?

Changing your mistaken thoughts to thoughts of love is for brave people. Once you decide to do it, the only way that you can transform them is when they come out of your unconscious so that you can look at them and accept that they are your thoughts.

This decision sometimes brings a lot of emotional pain. When you decide that you want to look at them head-on and heal whatever they mean to you, your Holy Spirit or Higher Self will attract circumstances into your life that force you to look at them and change them. Therefore, if you have decided to grow in awareness, the road can be full of ups and downs when life brings you opportunities to grow. Don’t be scared. They are just thoughts and emotions with which you have been carrying from a very young age.

These are the steps that I use when I am experiencing a time of great pain or turmoil:

1. First of all, I accept responsibility. I don’t blame whatever is outside of me but rather acknowledge that some thought of mine drew it to me so that I can heal it. Sometimes I know what thought is, sometimes I don’t. But I know that it is always my thought and not what someone said or did outside of me. This step takes me out of the victim role where I think someone did something to me.

2. I turn to the Holy Spirit (HS) in me. I speak to that part of me as if it were a friend. I say something like this: HS, I am feeling very lonely. (Here, I recognize how I feel). I know that comes from my thought that I don’t belong, but I don’t know how to change it. (Here, I assume responsibility). I hand over my thought to you so that you can help me see it differently, and I can forgive myself for having thought like that. (I deliver it to a higher level)

I don’t know if it was Einstein, but some wise man said that we can’t solve a problem on the same level it was created. You have to go to a higher level.

These simple steps, if you do them every time you are not at peace, which is your true essence, can help you in several ways:

1. You immediately step out of the victim role. When you project your thoughts outside and blame someone because they “did” something to you, you get tangled up in the world of the ego, that is, in your thoughts that tell you that you are separated from God and everything else. This idea causes a lot of fear and any of its ramifications like guilt, anger, etc. In order not to feel them, you project them to the one who is outside of you.

2. You take back your power. When you are a victim, you have to wait for the other person or situation to change to be happy. By regaining your power, you can be happy just by changing your perception to one of love. It is being able to see beyond appearances to the perfect being in front of you, who, with his behavior, is telling you that he is unhappy and needs love. When you manage to do this every time something takes away your peace, little by little, it becomes natural and effortless.

It depends on you. In every moment, you can choose peace. And if you fail, choose again.

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