Don’t analyze, feel

I was recently talking to a dear friend who was at a crossroads, not knowing what decision to make. He told me that he had analyzed all the possible alternatives and that he still didn’t know which way to go.

Without a doubt, I’m sure that we’ve all been in a similar situation at some point in our lives and those who are younger and haven’t been there yet, soon will be.

I remember saying to him, “don’t analyze, feel.” And many will think, how can I not analyze? I have to weigh all the possibilities, do a thorough analysis, and then decide.

I tell you that there’s a much easier way. A Course in Miracles speaks of two figures that are in our mind, figuratively speaking, the ego and the Holy Spirit. We created the ego in that “crazy moment,” which occurred eons of years ago, as the Course says, where the Son of God, which we all are, thought that he had separated himself from God. On the other hand, the Holy Spirit is that part of our mind that knows that separation never happened. The ego speaks of fear, conflict, difficulties. The Holy Spirit speaks of peace, love, harmony. It will always direct you towards your good. The important thing is to learn to listen to it. To be able to listen to it you have to learn mental silence.

When you analyze a situation a lot, usually the ego is involved. Your mind goes a mile a minute and that causes you stress.

When you quiet your mind and let your intuition guide you, that’s your spirit speaking. When you stop to listen, your mind is at peace. You have to learn to trust your intuition. Sometimes it shows you a path that you hadn’t even contemplated, but if observing it brings you peace, that’s where you need to go. The how will emerge in due course.

Always remember that your compass is peace. Does what you are feeling gives you peace? Then that’s the way to go. Does it create conflict and stress for you? Then, that’s not the way to go. It’s that simple. What you have to do is trust that your spirit is the one that knows what is good for you and then follow it.

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