Happy anniversary, today it’s been one year since I started publishing my blogs.

As I mentioned before in one of my first blogs, since I was very young I felt a calling to help awaken people. We are in a place in the history of humanity and planet Earth with its soul, GAIA, that awakening of consciousness is a yes or yes situation.  Everyone that wants to ascend will have to say yes to this immense ascension of our planet and its inhabitants, us, and every living thing, to ascend in consciousness into the fifth dimension.

We are now and have been for many, many years, in the third dimension. And you may ask, why not to the fourth dimension?  We are ascending in physicality and the fourth dimension is an ethereal dimension. This is the dimension we go to when we die and have no physicality.

I hope with my blogs I have helped you elevate your consciousness. I will now try to make understanding this ascension in consciousness easier.


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