If you want to have a positive day, create it. 

When I go to bed at night, I spend some time reviewing my day. I calmly bring to my mind all the good things that I attracted into my life that day. After analyzing them, I am grateful for having lived them. The energy of gratitude attracts things of similar energy.

Once I finish with everything positive, I start to think about what I didn’t like or what didn’t make me happy. Here is where my analysis begins.

  • First of all, I recognize that everything came from me. Nothing and no one is to blame.
  • Then I stop with each experience and look within myself for my lesson.
  • For clarity, I turn to my Holy Spirit or Higher Self to help me see things clearly.
  • Some of the lessons may be patience, compassion, tolerance.
  • Once I am clear about the reason for that experience in my life, I let it go after expressing gratitude. I don’t keep it in my mind and then suffer again for not letting go.

The following morning, before I get up, I plan the day I want to have in my mind. Here I use all my imagination.

  • If I have specific things to do, I think about each one individually. I visualize myself doing it, and I bring to my heart the great joy that this activity will bring me.
  • I think of all the details and enjoy it on my mind. I don’t allow anything negative to enter my mind.
  • After I’ve done the same thing with everything I want to do that day, I get up and start my day.

I create the day I want. And if I don’t make it today, it will be tomorrow. You also have that power.


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