And How Did I Reach the Second Level?

(This is a continuation of the previous blog.)

And how did I reach the second level of Reiki?

Some years after my Reiki I initiation passed. I was going to New York with friends to take some courses. When I went to say goodbye to my parents, I noticed that my dad had what looked like a golf ball above his elbow. I asked, and my mom told me that the doctor had treated everything and would operate on him next week. I told them that I did something called Reiki and I could put my hands on him to see if I could help him. My dad thought I was crazy, but my mom insisted that he let me put them on for five minutes. I put my hands on “the ball” for five minutes, said goodbye, and left for New York.

When I got to the hotel, there was a message to call my mom. I was scared because I thought something terrible had happened. When I spoke to her, she told me, “Everything is fine; I wanted to let you know that the ball disappeared from your dad’s arm. They no longer have to operate it.

There is a purpose for everything in life. Treatments don’t always work so quickly. It all depends on how long the condition has existed, the lessons the person needs to learn, etc. The important thing is that you don’t have to believe in Reiki. You have to want to heal as Reiki does not violate free will.

The purpose for me was to help me believe what I couldn’t see with my eyes. Since that second experience, I have no doubt that this miraculous energy exists, and that in some way that I don’t understand, the energy enters my head and goes out of my hands to help me and others.

When I returned from New York, my dad told me that he wanted to pay for my second level of Reiki. I was so happy. I immediately started to look for a Reiki Master, when I found out that the Reiki Master that attuned me to Reiki I was back in Puerto Rico. I called her, and the rest is history.

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