Do you think of money as something totally outside of yourself? If you have it, or not, do you attribute it to bad or good luck, good or bad opportunities etc.? In general, the issue of money generates a lot of fear within you that blocks the arrival of money in your life.

However, money, like everything else, is energy and as energy it is closely related to your energy. You will see how what you think, this time about money and yourself, will determine whether or not you have money.

To achieve economic prosperity you have to heal your relationship with money. There are different ways of relating to money. Among others are:

• from fear or trust

• from guilt or innocence

• thinking you don’t deserve it

• with or without responsibility.

Fear is the energy that paralyzes you the most.  A Course in Miracles says that there are only two emotions, love and fear and that one excludes the other. Therefore, you are acting from love or from fear.

If you acting from love:

• You trust in the abundance of the Universe.

• You know that you are one with the Divine Source and therefore you will always have what you need when you need it. That is abundance thinking. This thought of total confidence draws money to you since you haven’t placed any barrier between yourself and the Source.

When you are acting from fear:

• Fear disguises itself in thousands of ways. Each of those disguises is a mental obstacle that you put that doesn’t allow you to feel your eternal unity with the Source of your provision.

• You put mental obstacles that make you feel separated from that source, and therefore, alone in the world.

• When it comes to money, if you are in fear, you think that it will run out, that you will not have enough to pay your bills, that you cannot share what you have because you will not have it when you need it. That is scarcity thinking.

• That fear comes from your childhood programming, from misunderstandings with church dogmas, which taught that poverty is a virtue and that you have to suffer to get to heaven, and from your general feeling of low esteem and that you don’t deserve. But that programming is made up of thoughts and as thoughts you can always change them.

• The key should always be if you have inner peace. If not, change the thought that is taking it away from you.

• If you heard in your childhood that money was bad, that it hurt people, made them selfish, etc., be alert. Since you don’t want to be bad, unconsciously, you push the money out of your life and you feel guilty if you have it.

• But money itself is neither good nor bad, it just is. You put meaning into it with your attitudes towards it.


• When you relate to money from your innocence, you know that abundance is your Creator’s desire for you.

• Examine what you think of people who have money. That will help you to know if for that reason you are rejecting it.

• If you have the thought that you do not deserve it, this will serve as an energy barrier that will not allow you to receive what should be yours.

• If you have money around you, but it does not reach you, you are possibly rejecting it, without realizing it. There are no coincidences. Everything arises from your mind.


• It is important that you deal with money responsibly. By that I mean having priorities in place; being honest in your work, with yourself and with others.

• Do you spend money outside while your children are in need?

• Do you spend more than you make?

• Do you pay your bills on time, even what you owe to friends and family?

• Do you spend money on yourself, or only on others?

• As you answer these questions, you will know if you are acting responsibly. The energy of irresponsibility keeps money away from you. On the contrary, when you are responsible with money, you attract more.

With this information you have to do an analysis of your relationship with money and in what areas you have to improve. Only you are responsible for your life, and that includes the money you have or don’t have. The Law of Prosperity is a universal law, what you send to the universe, through your thoughts, emotions and attitudes, returns to you multiplied. Use it to your advantage, think you are prosperous, feel prosperous, project prosperity.

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