Who is Andrea Barnabé?

For a while, I will be writing information that has come through Andrea Barnabé, so I think it’s important that you know something about her.

When I explain Andrea’s role, remember this. Imagine highly advanced civilizations where technology is way ahead of ours. Now, we are beginning to see a glimpse of it on Earth, with computers, the internet, Wi-Fi, and the cloud to store information.

In this historical moment, where the Earth and its inhabitants enter the 5th dimension (5D), many evolved beings are incarnating in service to help Earth ascend with their high energy. They achieve this by holding the frequency needed for that planetary ascension with their high energetic vibration. Not all people who are incarnated are in service. Others finish their soul experiment, and others are here for something else.

Andrea is here in service. She has told us that most of her incarnations were in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt before the time of the Pharaohs. Very few were like a Hebrew and now in Argentina. In previous incarnations, she came as a cosmic scribe or librarian. Her job was to document everything humanity was experiencing and send it to the universal data bank. (Imagine a universal “data cloud.”) That is, sending information from the Planet to the Cosmos, to the universal cloud.

In this incarnation, she came for the opposite, to bring information from the Cosmos to Earth, to help us raise our vibration to enter the 5D.

Many who incarnated for service are waking up to their mission, mainly since 2012. In Andrea’s case, she didn’t have to wake up since she was born without the veil that doesn’t allow us to remember past lives. Because of this, she has direct access to the information bank of what she came to teach us.

This fact was a little hard for me to accept when I first heard it. However, listening to Andrea’s classes, I realized this is so, mainly when she answers questions without the slightest difficulty. You must listen to her to understand what I’m trying to explain.

Whoever has an open mind will not regret it.

NOTE: This is a translation from the blog I write in Spanish. As I mentioned before, the classes are in Spanish.  I just found on YouTube the following: 5th Dimension part 1. Andrea Barnabe in English. Cosmic Library translation.

I am sure if you search the internet, especially YouTube, you will find more information in English about the Earth’s transition into the Fifth Dimension.

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