Do you live in the present?

Definitely, one of the things that I came to heal in this life, was my feeling that I was worthless, that I was not important enough. From a very young age I had an emptiness inside of me. Since I didn’t know anything about what I’m trying to teach here, I always thought that when something happened in my future, then, I would be happy.

When I was in first grade, it was going to be when I made my first communion. Then when I graduated from eighth grade and so on. Of course, when events came I was happy for a while and then the emptiness returned.

To a greater or lesser degree, we all do the same thing. We have expectations of our future. These expectations do not allow us to enjoy our present, which is the only thing we have.

The same happens when our mind is always in the past, thinking, consciously or unconsciously, that the future is going to be the same. This back and forth between what happened and what may happen causes fear and anxiety and doesn’t really lead to anything positive.

You are creating your life instant by instant. And how do you create it?

  • Live in the present moment all the time fully enjoying what you are living. Don’t wait to enjoy things when the perfect occasion comes. The perfect moment is now. Use it now.
  • Be alert to your thoughts about what you are experiencing, knowing that you created what you have with what you thought in the past.
  • If you attracted something that you don’t like, don’t judge it. The energy that judgment produces will bring you more of the same.
  • Accept whatever you are living and, if it’s not what you want, commit to changing the thought that produced it to a positive one.

The past is gone, it’s just an idea, a memory, and the future isn’t here yet, it’s also in your in. Live your present fully which is the only thing you have.

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