Relationship with Our Children

Kahlil Gibran’s message that our children are not our children but children of the world who come through us should guide our relationship with them and be present within us even before we bring them into the world. The reward that parents have for accepting to be the channel of these beings who come to continue their evolution is the sublime experience of unconditional love that a child awakens in his parents.

With this thought of helping them in their development:

• It’s our responsibility as parents to guide them from a young age to find their mission in life.

• To discover the commitment they made to themselves before coming.

• We can do that not only by allowing them to develop their skills and talents, but by encouraging them to do so.

We all come with specific talents. These talents are what will direct us towards our mission. And how do we know what our mission is? The internal compass is our satisfaction and love for what we do. This will be learned by our children by our example.

• If we are working or doing what we love, satisfaction for our effort will be obvious.

• If, on the contrary, we do something that we don’t like, just because we are making money, to please others, or because of what others will say, we’ll be unhappy and that’s what they’ll learn.

The only way for them to discover their talents is by experiencing different things. Many times we as parents want to encase our children in what we believe is good for them.

• We force them to take classes in things that we like, without being aware of whether that’s what they like.

• Other times, children want to take classes in something that they later discover wasn’t what they wanted, and parents insist that they continue what they started.

There’s a fine line between leaving something because I don’t like it and leaving something because it’s becoming difficult for me. The way to find out is by learning to listen to what the heart tells us.

• We can help our children a lot by teaching them to be silent. As long as the mind is active we can’t listen to the heart.

• We teach them best by our example.

• Creating a habit in the family to dedicate a specific time each day to quiet the mind is the best gift we can give our children since it’ll serve them for a lifetime.

Balance is what determines whether we have inner peace or not. When our life is out of balance, because we are dedicating our time to one thing in neglect of others, chaos is created.

• One way for our children to learn this balance is by directing them to pay attention to nature and the teachings it offers us about harmony between its different elements.

• Through nature they also understand that change is an integral part of life and that it’s not to be feared.

• It’s through change that new things come into our lives.

• If we cling to the known we’ll deprive ourselves of new enriching experiences.

  • With our example we also teach them that the Universe speaks to us, but we have to learn to listen to it.

• When obstacles constantly appear in your way, it’s a way the Universe has to tell you, you’re going the wrong way.

• If we persist in continuing to struggle, we teach them that life is a struggle.

• If, on the other hand, we pause, knowing that the right moment will be shown to us, we will teach them to be patient or to discern if it’s the right time for them.

• If in our interaction with other family members we impose our criteria, we are teaching them to be selfish.

• If, on the contrary, we listen and take into account what other people think, we teach them healthy coexistence and respect for others.

It is a great privilege to be a parent. Much of the path of our children’s development depends on us.

When love ends

Sol Gordon, in his book Why Love is not Enough says that:

• If the pain of being with the person you love is greater than the happiness

you share …

• If your love is more a burden than a pleasure…

• If you feel desperate or alone when you are with your partner, but close to him or her, in some way, when you are apart …

• If the idea of ​​not finding another person terrifies you…

• If your partner’s behavior dominates you and takes you to the point of

   despair and loss of dignity …

Then it is time to let go of your relationship.

The end of a relationship is one of the most difficult and painful things. However, if you end a relationship with respect and consideration for the other person, the process of healing and emotional separation will be much smoother.

There are several things that can help you at this time:

• First, remember that this person was important to you in the past.

• Do not do anything out of spite or revenge. The Universe is in charge of balancing energies and that includes harmful acts.

• If they hurt you, that person will already have to learn their lessons. Do not do anything that increases what you have to learn.

• If there are children involved, the one who leaves is also their father or mother. Do not say or do anything to antagonize your children with them. You would do the most damage to your children. Children know that they have a part of their father and mother. If they think one of them is bad, they end up thinking that they must have something bad too.

• Read the previous blog on effective communication carefully and apply all the techniques in this relationship that is ending. When there are children, the only thing that ends is the marriage, the relationship will continue for life.

• One of the things that will help you overcome the pain the most is accepting that the relationship is over. What keeps you tied to the past the most is thinking that maybe he’ll call … maybe he’ll regret it … if I had done (or said) … When I was going through the pain of a relationship that ended, a person told me not to think so much about it. When I asked how… he said “well, change the tape (the cassette.) Whenever it comes to mind, think of something else. Remember that you are the one who controls what you think. It’s not the other way around.

• Don’t idealize the person. See things as they happened. If he hurt you, if he belittled you etc. don’t justify the behavior. Such behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances.

• Don’t project your feelings onto that person or make up what they must be thinking. The one who loves you treats you with love. He who treats you with a lack of love doesn’t love you.

• Share with people who support you. This is a time that you need to surround yourself with people who understand and love you.

• However, also spend time alone. It’s in those moments that you give yourself permission to vent. Crying is very healthy. It’s the way that God gave us to cleanse the soul.

• Once you feel like it, find something you like to do and do it. Maybe you always wanted to take a class or learn something. Now is the time to do it.

• Love yourself, eat well, get a massage, and enjoy nature. Do anything but start a new relationship.

 Once you are ready to start a new relationship, it is important to assume your share of responsibility for the failure of the old one.

• I invite you to make a list of your behavior that contributed to it not working and how you can change that behavior.

• Also, do another of your partner’s behavior, so that you are clear what kind of partner you are attracting.

• See how this behavior resembles the behavior of one of your parents.

• Realize that you didn’t choose that partner by chance.

  • You will attract in the couple you choose what you didn’t heal with your parents, in order to realize that you still have things to forgive. It is with forgiving your parents that you have to work so that you don’t repeat the same thing in another relationship.

Effective Communication

In a good relationship, effective communication is essential. The word Communication comes from the Latin “communis”, which means to be one with or to share in common. Therefore, the purpose of communication is to understand and be understood.

When two people who love each other communicate their feelings, thoughts and desires honestly and lovingly, they‘ll have found the secret of staying in love, since this is the secret to intimacy. To communicate constructively and non-destructively there are certain techniques you can learn.

Like everything new that you want to master, it is necessary to practice each technique for at least a week, preferably for 21 days, until you feel that you have made it a part of you. Some of the techniques are as follows:

• Always treat your partner with respect.

• Speak from the self. The less you use the word “you”, the better. Usually when you say “you”, the other party feels attacked and might counter attack to defend itself, turning into a fight, something which could be simple.

• Tell the truth as quickly as possible, once you can speak lovingly and always from your heart. If you have something inside that bothers you and you don’t say it, since everything is energy, the other party will feel that something is happening and feel uncomfortable.

• Express your negative feelings constructively. One way of doing this is to say “when you did (here you say the fact that you disliked”,) “I felt (here you express the feeling”.) “Next time I would like you to say or do (here you express the way you would like your partner to express or do whatever it is that bothered you”.)

• Listen to the other person without being distracted or thinking about what you are going to say next. Many times the only thing a person needs is to be heard and once he feels heard, he has no need to get into an argument.

• Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is what sets you free. While you hold grudges, you poison your soul. Surely, the other person will be calm and you are mortified. The forgiveness I’m talking about is not the one where you feel superior to the other person and you deign to forgive them. It is impossible to forgive someone you think has hurt you. A Course in Miracles teaches that at all times we are extending love or asking for help (to be loved). Forgiveness is understanding that each person does the best they can in each moment, and that ultimately, the true self did not fail, since it is perfect, the one who failed was the wrong ego. On the other hand, there is nothing outside of you and you create with your thoughts. Therefore, if you attract what you think, you attracted this situation to learn a lesson about yourself, what thoughts you have to heal.

• Ask for what you want. Maybe you were taught not to ask for what you need because “if the other person loves me, he is supposed to know what I need.” Others were taught that if they give what is asked of them, it is no longer something that comes naturally, but rather forced. Nothing could be further from the truth. Neither side of a couple reads the other’s mind. The only way the other party is going to know what you want is if you tell them. Remember that each person is different and what is important to one may not be to the other.

Sit down with your partner on a daily basis so that each of you has the opportunity to communicate what he or she feels to the other. It is important to make time for the couple. A couple relationship must be worked on and daily communication is vital.

How to Create the Relationship I Want

Believe it or not, you’ve always attracted the relationship you’ve wanted. What happens is that, perhaps, you have created it unconsciously, imitating:

• The pattern established by your parents

• How your siblings related to each other

• How your parents related to you.

By living these relationships you came to conclusions about relationships. This caused your unconscious thoughts to attract the relationships you’ve had. Now you’ll learn how to consciously create them. Here are the steps to do it:

• Make a list and write MY IDEAL LOVING RELATIONSHIP above. Then make a list of the qualities you want in a relationship. Be specific. This is your order to the universe and the Universe always says YES. Don’t limit yourself, put everything you want. At the bottom of the page write THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER COMES TO ME, EASILY AND PLEASANTLY, and FOR THE GOOD OF ALL THE PEOPLE INVOLVED. THANKS GOD.

• Make a special Treasure Map for your ideal relationship. The theme should be a perfect romantic relationship and should include all aspects of your relationship: physical, mental, and spiritual. Find photos that describe what you want.

• Complete the past. Start with your parents and siblings and end any incomplete relationships you’ve had.

• Prepare for your new relationship. Discard all memories of past relationships that represent a bond to that person. If he has left clothes or items at your house, return them. Clean your closet, desk, drawers, kitchen etc. Make energetic space for new things.

• Create awareness of your patterns. Make a list of all the reasons your previous relationships ended to see if you see similarities. For each reason write on a piece of paper “the reason why I create this in my life is….” Do this several times until you realize what your lesson is. Take responsibility for creating them, without blaming anyone else. If you don’t realize what you are doing, you will never be able to change it. Once you create consciousness, every time a similar situation returns to your life say NO.

• Make a list of your 10 favorite pleasures. Check off the ones that you have regularly experienced in your last significant relationship. Commit to having more pleasure in your life.

• Discover the most negative thought you have about yourself and create awareness every time it is activated in your life. Transform this thought into an affirmation and make it your Eternal Law. For example, if you think you are not important, change it to “I am the most important person in the Universe.”

• Develop good self-esteem.

• Learn to be alone and enjoy it.

• Take risks. Ask for what you want. Say yes when you want and no when you don’t want to. Learn to feel good when people say no, without feeling rejected. Be more assertive.

• Do what you enjoy.

•  Keep your eyes open. Remember that you are looking for someone who does not fit into your usual pattern, so you have to train yourself.

• Start with a friendship. Don’t get into a sexual relationship too quickly. This  creates a false sense of intimacy before it is real.

• When you start dating someone you care about, look at both the good and the bad. Don’t be blind.

  • Learn to tell the truth fast.
  • Be you, not the person the other wants you to be.

• Create a phrase that once one of you begins to say it, the other is committed to saying it as well. The sentence should be long enough so that neither of you keeps thinking the negative thought that started it. An example would be: We are having a wonderful relationship, full of love, understanding, good communication, respect, prosperity, wisdom, harmony, of total expression, living in spacious and beautiful places and enjoying more and more every day.

• Tell each other I LOVE YOU often.

• At the beginning of the relationship, do not force the other one to have obligations to the other’s family. This comes over time and has to come naturally.

• Choose the form you want your relationship to take. Remember each relationship is different and each couple is the one that determines the form. The important thing is that both agree.

• Focus on the positive.

• Never get married until you feel married.

• Develop friendships with other couples of similar tastes and attitudes.

(These ideas were taken from the book Two Hearts Are Better Than One by Bob Mandel.)

The Treasure Map

The treasure map is another very powerful manifesting technique. Mapping is a lot of fun and it helps you focus your energy on what you want. As I have already mentioned in other blogs, we always create with our thoughts. The treasure map helps us to do it consciously.

There are many kinds of maps, of different shapes and sizes. They can be made on cardstock, copier paper, in a folder, in a box, etc. Use your creativity. You can do it with drawings, or with a collage of photos and words from magazines.

The first question you will ask yourself is what you want your map for. They can be for:

• Relationships

• Talents

• Education

•  Health

•  Job

•  Entertainment

•  Holidays

• Self help

How to do it:

• The map should be simple.

• With clear illustrations.

• Maps need words. These are very powerful.

• Use affirmations giving thanks because your wish is already given.

• Watch carefully what you are thinking as you build it and make affirmations of power canceling negative thoughts.

• Place in the center anything that means to you the power of God as the Source of all good and includes the cosmic affirmation “This, its equivalent or something better manifests for me NOW, for my good and the good of all, in harmony for those around me”.

• Include a photo of yourself with your name and images of people enjoying what you want with which you identify.

• Include any adornments that represent to you the achievement of your wish.

• Don’t forget to add money in some way, if the desired asset requires financing. This can be play money, canceled checks. The important thing is the symbol that all money that is needed will come to you.

  • Every day spend some time with your Treasure Map giving it energy.
  •  Focus on it.
  • Feel all the emotions that already having what you want represents for you.
  • Don’t hesitate or give it any negative thoughts.
  • Continually be grateful that it is already given.

The image was taken from


Do you think of money as something totally outside of yourself? If you have it, or not, do you attribute it to bad or good luck, good or bad opportunities etc.? In general, the issue of money generates a lot of fear within you that blocks the arrival of money in your life.

However, money, like everything else, is energy and as energy it is closely related to your energy. You will see how what you think, this time about money and yourself, will determine whether or not you have money.

To achieve economic prosperity you have to heal your relationship with money. There are different ways of relating to money. Among others are:

• from fear or trust

• from guilt or innocence

• thinking you don’t deserve it

• with or without responsibility.

Fear is the energy that paralyzes you the most.  A Course in Miracles says that there are only two emotions, love and fear and that one excludes the other. Therefore, you are acting from love or from fear.

If you acting from love:

• You trust in the abundance of the Universe.

• You know that you are one with the Divine Source and therefore you will always have what you need when you need it. That is abundance thinking. This thought of total confidence draws money to you since you haven’t placed any barrier between yourself and the Source.

When you are acting from fear:

• Fear disguises itself in thousands of ways. Each of those disguises is a mental obstacle that you put that doesn’t allow you to feel your eternal unity with the Source of your provision.

• You put mental obstacles that make you feel separated from that source, and therefore, alone in the world.

• When it comes to money, if you are in fear, you think that it will run out, that you will not have enough to pay your bills, that you cannot share what you have because you will not have it when you need it. That is scarcity thinking.

• That fear comes from your childhood programming, from misunderstandings with church dogmas, which taught that poverty is a virtue and that you have to suffer to get to heaven, and from your general feeling of low esteem and that you don’t deserve. But that programming is made up of thoughts and as thoughts you can always change them.

• The key should always be if you have inner peace. If not, change the thought that is taking it away from you.

• If you heard in your childhood that money was bad, that it hurt people, made them selfish, etc., be alert. Since you don’t want to be bad, unconsciously, you push the money out of your life and you feel guilty if you have it.

• But money itself is neither good nor bad, it just is. You put meaning into it with your attitudes towards it.


• When you relate to money from your innocence, you know that abundance is your Creator’s desire for you.

• Examine what you think of people who have money. That will help you to know if for that reason you are rejecting it.

• If you have the thought that you do not deserve it, this will serve as an energy barrier that will not allow you to receive what should be yours.

• If you have money around you, but it does not reach you, you are possibly rejecting it, without realizing it. There are no coincidences. Everything arises from your mind.


• It is important that you deal with money responsibly. By that I mean having priorities in place; being honest in your work, with yourself and with others.

• Do you spend money outside while your children are in need?

• Do you spend more than you make?

• Do you pay your bills on time, even what you owe to friends and family?

• Do you spend money on yourself, or only on others?

• As you answer these questions, you will know if you are acting responsibly. The energy of irresponsibility keeps money away from you. On the contrary, when you are responsible with money, you attract more.

With this information you have to do an analysis of your relationship with money and in what areas you have to improve. Only you are responsible for your life, and that includes the money you have or don’t have. The Law of Prosperity is a universal law, what you send to the universe, through your thoughts, emotions and attitudes, returns to you multiplied. Use it to your advantage, think you are prosperous, feel prosperous, project prosperity.


Your divine inheritance as a child of an abundant Creator is abundance. Taking it to its broadest sense, when I speak of abundance, I mean everything you need to live a full, happy, peaceful, healthy, well, prosperous life at all levels. I’m not just talking about having money.

Prosperity is a state of being, a state of consciousness. There are those who don’t have much money and feel prosperous and others who have a lot of money and feel poor. The same happens with those who are sick but fees happy and those who are healthy and feel miserable.

With a consciousness of prosperity you can achieve all your goals, because you’re certain that you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. You know that success is yours, and that it’s a matter of time before it manifests itself on the physical plane.

The one that is abundant:

• Has good relationships.

• Has economic prosperity.

• Has health.

• Has good friends.

How you relate to each of these areas will depend on whether you feel prosperous or not. If there’s one of those areas in your life that doesn’t make you happy, you have to heal your relationship with it.

Giving and receiving are the same

Lesson 108 in A Course in Miracles says “To give and to receive are one in truth.” If you want to feel an attitude of prosperity throughout your life, it’s important to internalize this principle. As I mentioned, A Course in Miracles teaches that there are two ways of thinking, from fear, or from love. If you are thinking from love you will feel the abundance of the Father. On the contrary, fear leads you to thoughts of scarcity.

From your thoughts of fear, you have learned:

  • That if you give, you’ll have less left.
  • This leads you to compete to hoard more, or to refrain from giving, because you are running out.
  • The time has come to realize that the opposite is true. As you give, you receive. Therefore, the more you give, the more you receive.

There are people who know how to give but don’t know how to receive. Others know how to receive, but don’t know how to give. This creates an energetic imbalance that doesn’t allow inner peace to be achieved.

So far, I’ve commented on giving and receiving explicitly. There is another way you implicitly give and receive at all times. Since everything is energy, there is a constant exchange of energy between one thing and another, one person and another. You give what you are. If giving and receiving are the same, you are going to give what you want to receive.

In the next blog I will give you some exercises that will help you with this. I hope to see you.

How do you feel God?

When I started my spiritual search, something inside me opened up. I felt as if a cosmic ray fell on me. I started to see things differently, to go to courses and read books. An existential emptiness that I had from a very young age began to disappear. However, much of this knowledge stayed with me on an intellectual level.

Different people spoke about the immense love they felt for God and that they felt from him, and I was left cold, because I didn’t feel anything. I knew it, but I didn’t feel it. It was difficult for me to feel that great love for or from someone I didn’t see, for something or someone that was abstract to me.

I started to say to myself, well Yve, start looking at what is not abstract, and I, immediately, thought of my children, my grandchildren, and my dog. I only needed to think about them and a love so great, that I have no words to explain it, came to me.

I began to think that if I felt such great love for them, imagine how God would feel for me. But I couldn’t feel his love for me. I could only analyze it.

One day I went to a training and the facilitator told us that people who’ve had an emotionally distant father had difficulty feeling God’s love, because God was seen as a father, and our physical father was our first experience of that love. I knew this was what was happening to me.

My father was an excellent human being and provider, he adored my mother, but as for the children he was emotionally handicapped. He never knew how to show us love in the way that children expect from parents. So I grew up with that emotional emptiness thinking that he did not love me.

As I developed spiritually, one day I learned to see the way my dad did express love to me, but in the limited way that he knew how and not in the way that I expected. By eliminating my preconceptions, I began to feel his great love for me.

When I did that, I decided to learn, as I did with my dad, to see God’s love in all the ways he expresses it.

So how can you feel God?

I feel God and I communicate with Him through silence. To achieve this it is necessary to quiet the mind. In silence you manage to feel that you are one with God. The barriers that you have imposed with your physical body are eliminated, because in a very deep meditation you only feel your true self.

• I feel God through love. When you can connect with love through your loved ones, like children, grandchildren, our pets, strangers, with everything and everyone, you feel the presence of God.

I feel God when I am in contact with nature. When I see a flower, a sunset, a lake, a forest, so much beauty, so much harmony and perfection, this inspires in me the most sublime feelings and reminds me of God.

I feel God through art. I love impressionism and when I see a Monet painting, for example, it touches my soul and I feel God. When I listen to music, especially music that has a high energy, my spirit rises and I feel very close to God, in total communion with Him.

The easiest and fastest way to feel God through others is through service. Nothing makes you feel so much love as serving others, because giving and receiving is the same and to the extent that you do for others, you do for yourself.

• But it is very easy to give love to others who treat you well or to those you see as innocent, such as children and the elderly. But how do you love your neighbor when you think he is hurting you? Well, I feel God when I forgive.

We feel God choosing peace no matter what is happening outside.

If you are like me, try these things or look for your own. I’m sure you will feel Him.


Changing the focus of my attitude towards God changed my life. As a child, like most of us, I was taught that God was outside of me, in heaven. That he punished me if I misbehaved and was happy and would reward me if I behaved. All natural disasters, deaths, and misfortunes were attributed to God, because it was “God’s will.”

Aside from what we were taught in the religion we learned, our relationship with God is directly related to our relationship with our parents. In this life, they were our first experience with love. Since our parents did not understand the concept of unconditional love, the love they gave us was conditioned. From then on, that was our idea of ​​love. If you behave I love you, if you misbehave I punish you. In our minds as children, our parents were all powerful, they knew everything, they loved us and they punished us. In God we project the role of father, with all the attributes that we knew of what it was to be a parent, but with a much more exaggerated vision of His power.

I blamed God for all my unhappiness. The anger I had with Him when I believed that He had chosen me to go through such difficult situations in life was immense. Besides, I was terribly afraid of him because at any moment He could decide that I deserved some other punishment.

I was terrified of having to face everyone in the Final Judgment in order to be punished for some wrong that I had committed. This led me to want to be perfect, which brought a lot of stress and disappointment every time I failed. How could I have a good relationship with someone who caused me so much fear and anger?

It wasn’t until I found the wonderful book called A Course in Miracles that I began to know the true God. In reading this book I was faced with all my misconceptions, not only about God, but about myself and my perception of life.

Now I see God as the Totality of love, from where everything flows, including us. If God created us in His image and likeness, we are perfect, pure love, supreme intelligence, justice. The essence of God is always within us, because we are part of Him. In other words, God is the sum total of all His creation.

When we came to the third dimension of time and space, it was as if they put a veil on us and we forgot our perfection, our divine essence. We began to seek God outside of us, rather than within.

When I understood this, I began to search for Him within myself and I found Him. It has been a wonderful thing. To commune with Him, all I have to do is quiet my mind, so that I can hear and feel Him. God’s main way of speaking to us is through our feelings, through that inner voice that always knows where we have to go.

Another way of seeing God is by looking into the eyes of each being that comes into my life. The eyes are the windows of the soul and within each being is God. If I relate to every being that comes into my life, I am relating to God in him or her. It’s that simple.

Creative visualization

Many years ago, when blogs did not exist, my friend, Luzette Rivera-Diez and I, set about the task of writing a newsletter called Awaken Your Infinite Potential. We publish it quarterly for one year. What a wonderful experience.

In one of the editions, she wrote an article entitled “Creative Visualization: The Power of Imagination”. In that article, rephrasing what she wrote, we can define creative visualization as:

• One of the easier hidden powers of man to activate and practice.

• It’s the name given to what we create in the imagination or what we see with the mental eye.

• It is the idea or image of something, of some circumstance or condition that we want in our life.

The mind is like a computer. However, many people don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Creative visualization is the power of success. There are many books that teach visualization, including Creative Visualization by Denning, Melita & Phillips, Osborne, where it says that:

• It’s a technique to mobilize our internal resources for success.

• It’s a method to open channels to other dimensions to attract the abundance of the Universe.

Take the following steps regularly:

1. Relax. Relaxation is very important for visualization. You have to learn to deliberately relax. We are so used to being in tension that sometimes we realize we are tense.

Practice feeling the difference with the following exercise:

  • Make fists. Open the hand.
  • Any muscle in the body will respond to any mental instruction, as long as you know you can do it.
  • Now, begin to tighten and release the different muscles in your body, starting with the feet and ending with the scalp.
  • If you do this exercise, you will immediately notice when you have some area of ​​your body in tension.

Rhythmic breathing, which I explained in another blog, is very important to achieve total relaxation. It also helps you focus.

To achieve physical relaxation it is necessary to relax mentally, because our body merely reflects the state of our mind. When you master relaxation, you gain so much energy that it becomes easier and easier to solve any problem.

2. Bring to your mental screen what you want to manifest, with all its details, colors, smells, tastes, sensations, exact place, etc. Focus on your image.

  • When you want to manifest something, it is important that you are clear about the essence of what you want.
  • By essence I mean the characteristics.
  • For example, it isn’t a matter of saying that you want a job in X Company. Rather, what are the characteristics of that job that you want? These could be group work, casual dress, X salary, etc. By focusing on the essence, you allow the universe to bring you what is best for you, without setting limits.

3. Visualize yourself in the image. Feel the excitement of achieving your goal. Sustain that emotion whenever you can, even when you come out of your exercise. Try to live it all the time. Feel the joy as if everything is accomplished NOW.

4. Just as important as visualizing in detail is the emotion you feel when you think you have achieved your goal. Desire is a form of electricity that creates a magnetic field. This emotion is what will propel the energy to the Universe that will then attract your goal.

5. With your index finger, touch yourself in the place where you have your mental image. Press the spot for 30 seconds.

6. Charge your image with energy. Imagine a circle around your image. Then feel how a ray of light enters your head and fills every cell in your body, leaving through your heart. Guide that ray to your vision, without leaving the circle. That is the light of creation.

7. Make an affirmation about your visualization. State what you want to achieve as already given. For example, instead of saying I want a job, say I have a job.

8. Commit to manifesting your desire. As long as you don’t commit to doing something, you will always go from one place to another, expending energy on what isn’t what you want. You commit, and then you focus on what you want. Where you put your attention expands.

9. Have faith that you will achieve your wish. Faith is the certainty of what is not seen and moves mountains.

10. Feel grateful as if you’ve already gotten what you want.